24 Ways to Use Your Extra 24 Hours on Leap Day

24 Ways to Use Your Extra 24 Hours on Leap Day

February 27, 2024

It only happens once every four years: Leap Day! 

This bonus day allows our 365-day calendar to align with the solar year, the amount of time it takes for the Earth to orbit the sun, which is 365.2422 days. To make up the difference, every four years, on Feb. 29, we get some extra time to catch up. And, in 2024, we’re set for another Leap Day.  

Around the world, Leap Day carries different meanings and traditions. At CU Denver, it means we have one more day to explore the campus and city we call home. To help you plan for the extra 24 hours on Feb. 29—or any day—we’ve got you covered with 24 ways to spend your time as a Lynx.  

1. Take a selfie next to the Lynx statue
2. Belay with friend at the Lola and Rob Salazar Wellness Center’s climbing wall
3. Grab tacos at Los Molinos
4. Stroll down Ninth Street Historic Park and read more about its history.  
5. Order from the food trucks parked to the west of the Auraria Library and find a bench nearby for a picnic lunch. 
Students sitting in a line in front of food trucks
6. Go for an art walk and stop by CU Denver’s Emmanuel Gallery and the Experience Gallery.  
7. Create a personalized pizza at iPIE in the Tivoli Student Union.  
8. Explore student resources and grab a bite to eat at the Tivoli Student Union
9. Get a pick-me-up at Intermission Cafe and take in the wingspan of Psyche, a butterfly created by Donald Lipski with wings made of test tubes in the Science Building.  
10. Take a photo under the flags hanging above Denver’s famous Larimer Square.  
11. Catch some sunrays on the CU Denver Building’s outdoor patio.  
Photo of CU Denver buildings in downtown Denver
12. Jog down the path adjacent to Cherry Creek and take a break at Confluence Park. 
13. Explore Denver’s iconic Union Station
14. See the NBA Champions play at the nearby Ball Arena (the Denver Nuggets play the Miami Heat on Feb. 29)   
15. Get lost in a world of creativity at Meow Wolf, where CU Denver students earned class credit or interned while it was being created. 
Meow Wolf Collage
16. Go fossil hunting at Dinosaur Ridge (and use this CU Denver professor’s app to see the historic creatures come to life on your phone).  
17. Take a photo outside of campus’ historic pink church, St. Cajetan’s
18. Book a study room in the Auraria Library.  
Auraria Library exterior view with students walking in and out of the entrance.
19. Take in 360-degree views of the downtown Denver skyline and Rocky Mountains from the top of the Seventh Street Garage. 
20. Grab a blanket, put on your headphones, and gaze up at the sky on the spacious lawn in front of the Tivoli Student Union.  
21. Take your dog for a walk through campus (there are benches for your four-legged friend to jump on between the North Classroom and Science Building).  
22. Find your new favorite study spot on campus
23. Take a selfie outside of the Lawrence Street Center or CU Denver Building (and tag CU Denver if you are in front of the Meet Your Moment signs).  
24. Check out campus’ colorful, larger-than-life sized murals of CU Denver alums (which were also painted by an alum: the artist detour).