Three Things to Know Before the Next Fiscal Year Starts

June 28, 2022

Thursday, June 30, 2022, marks the end of fiscal year 2021-22. In case you didn’t know, a fiscal year is a one-year period that businesses and governments use for financial reporting and budgeting. CU Denver’s fiscal year is different than the academic year, which is August – May,  and runs from July 1 – June 30. Below are three things to know as we move into the next fiscal year.  

1. Slight increase to parking rates on campus 

Effective July 1, daily fee parking rates on the Auraria Campus will increase $0.25. The Auraria Board of Directors approved a three-year rate structure at their March 30 board meeting to ensure a stable revenue stream for the campus programs and operations supported by the parking auxiliary enterprise. That means daily fee parking rates will increase by $0.25 per year for the next three years. 

For 2022-23, monthly rates for participants in AHEC’s Parking Payroll Deduction Program are as follows. If you choose to continue participating in the program, no action is required. If you choose to discontinue your participation in the program, contact the Parking & Transportation Services Office at 303-556-2001. 

  • 7th Street Garage: $153 per month 
  • Juniper Lot: $120 per month 
  • Maple Lot: $153 per month 
  • Bronze Passport: $79 per month 
  • Silver Passport: $110 per month 
  • Gold Passport: $141 per month 
  • Accessible Permit: $110 per month 

For those who park in CU Denver-specific lots and pay a monthly fee, an increase of $2 per month will go into effect July 1. CU Denver’s parking program does not receive any funding from the university or from the State of Colorado. The rate increase will help support various parking needs. Faculty and staff holders who choose to change or cancel their parking permits may do so online on the permits page

  • Lawrence Street Center Reserved Parking: $150 
  • Lawrence Street Center Tandem Parking: $103 
  • CU Denver Building and Business School Garages Open Parking: $135 
  • CU Denver Building and Business School Garages Part-Time Parking (10 days/month): $87 

As a reminder, for those who want to avoid parking on campus, the 2022 RTD EcoPass is available free of cost to all CU Denver faculty and staff and is valid through Dec. 31.

2. New health plan features available to benefits-eligible faculty and staff 

There are a few significant coverage additions for the 2022-23 health benefits year, which begins July 1, along with increases to out-of-pocket limits. These changes include expansion of mental health coverage, fertility benefits, temporomandibular joint (TMJ), treatments and more: 

  • All University of Colorado medical plans administered by Anthem and Kaiser will cover one preventive mental health appointment per plan member per year at no cost. 
  • CU Health Plan – Anthem medical plan enrollees will have added coverage for fertility treatments through WINFertility. The coverage includes cycle-based fertility services including fertility support programs, in-vitro fertilization and associated prescription drugs. Treatment will need to be medically necessary and will require preauthorization. 
  • CU Health Plan – Kaiser enrollees will have full coverage for surgical and nonsurgical expenses related to live organ donation. Plan enrollees who donate an organ will not be subject to coinsurance and copays, hitting the benefit maximum threshold or observing wait times for coverage. Kaiser plan enrollees also will have coverage for any medically necessary dental procedures related to covered transplant procedures. 

Read more in CU Connections.   

3. Visible badging required at the Lawrence Street Center 

As a reminder, to ensure the safety and security of our people and property, all students, faculty, and staff are required to display their campus ID badges while in the Lawrence Street Center. The badging initiative is in place in other CU Denver buildings north of Speer, including the CU Denver Building and the Business School, and will expand to more areas on campus this fall. Need a lanyard to display your badge? Check with your department administrator.