Wildfires and climate change in 2020

August 21, 2020

According to the National Interagency Coordination Center, there are dozens of un-contained large fires currently burning throughout the United States. Four of those fires are in the state of Colorado, including one of the largest wildfires in the state’s history. Including this year’s devastating Australian wildfires and California’s in 2019 that took over 100 lives, the world is witnessing severe climate disasters. These CU Denver experts are available to discuss the topics of climate change, preparedness and other related topics:  

Gregory Simon, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Geography and Environmental Sciences  

Areas of expertise:  

  • Human-environment relations 
  • Social vulnerability to hazards and environmental change
  • Climate change risks and adaptation

Deserai Crow, PhD, Associate Professor, School of Public Affairs 

Areas of expertise: 

  • Natural disaster community recovery and resiliency 
  • Climate change  
  • Crisis and disaster policy and management 
  • Environmental policy and the role that mass media and other factors play in policy decisions 

Andrew Rumbach, PhD, Associate Professor, Urban and Regional Planning 

Areas of expertise: 

  • Wildland-urban interface 
  • Hazard mitigation and community disaster recovery 
  • Planning for natural hazards and climate extremes 

Jan Mandel, Professor, Mathematical and Statistical Sciences

Areas of expertise:

  • Wildfire modeling
  • Near real-time fuel moisture modeling and satellite data
Contact: Meghan Azralon, Media Relations Specialist, meghan.azralon@ucdenver.edu