Milo and students at the Block Party, 2021

Advice to New CU Denver Students

September 2, 2021

As our campus settles in to a new school year, it never hurts to start with a little advice. To help new and returning Lynx get the most out of their college experience, we asked a few members of the community and some CU Denver alums to share what they wish someone had told them. If you feel like you need some encouraging words right now, read their responses below.

If you still need a little more guidance, you can get peer-level support from current students through CU Denver’s PALs program. Trained student mentors can help you find ways to get involved with campus life and connect with additional academic resources.

I ask my seniors to advise their freshmen selves in a letter. The most common sentiments are, ‘Be brave, take chances, seek out new friends, and speak out in class. You’ll find that most people will surprise you, and you’ll even surprise yourself.’” – Vivian Shyu, associate professor, psychology department, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Group of students posing for photo with Milo the Lynx in front of food truck and building

Grab hold of every opportunity that you see! You’ll get great experience under your belt and meet some incredible folks.” – Amanda Blackman BSBA ’21, Business School

Livy Snyder holds framed barcode

Use the resources that are available to you to bring greater success to your college career. Work hard, but remember to have fun—the time will go quickly! Engage and start building your network now.” – Gordon B. Ortiz Hamby BA ’13, College of Liberal Arts and Science, founding member of Milo the Lynx

person climbing up the climbing wall inside CU Denver Wellness Center
Wellness Center climbing wall

Remember why you are here. There are times you may get frustrated, overwhelmed, or even a little freaked out. Stay focused, seek out help, and keep a positive attitude.” – Susan Scott BA ’83, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Person attending Student Webinar remotely and sitting next to a laptop, notebook, and desk

As you consider your future, seek out internships, temporary jobs, anything else that will give you real-world experience and the opportunity to demonstrate that you’ve applied knowledge in the workspace and dealt with complex issues. Demonstrated experience and the maturity that grows from handling projects will help you stand out from other applicants when the time comes to land the first big job.” – Todd Husak MBA ’06, Business School

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Make friends. Enjoy the library! Have fun and learn. Write in a journal so you can remember this first year for the rest of your life. Write down your goals for the year, your goals for each class, and your goals for the next four years.” – Kimberly Archuleta, alum

People walking pass by Auraria Library on a sunny day
Auraria Library