Adam hosting a live podcast

Architect-ing Podcast Fosters Community of Colorado Design Professionals

February 23, 2022

Adam Wagoner, CAP Instructor, architect, and co-founder of Vessel Office of Architecture, created the podcast platform Architect-ing to provide an opportunity for Colorado design professionals to share stories and connect.  

Adam in front of microphone
Adam Wagoner hosts a live podcast at Denver Design Week (image by Dustin Moon 2021)

Although the podcast was in pre-production prior to the pandemic, it first aired in October 2020, which turned out to be good timing as each episode provided an opportunity for conversation and connection during a period of isolation. Wagoner contends that Colorado has many interesting, talented designers, and he strives to bring them together to tell their stories, hear each other, and connect. His focus is narrow and intentional, documenting the real experiences, struggles, and successes of local architects. 

Past episodes have featured CAP Advisory Board member Harry Teague; CAP faculty Marc Swackhamer, Paul Andersen, Katie Donahue, Rick Sommerfeld, Kaci Taylor, Chris Shears, Rick Petersen, Brad Tomecek, Brian Dale, Stephen Dynia, and Annicia Streete; and CAP alumni EJ Meade, Brian Dale, Nan Anderson, Rachel (Johnson) Yee, Adam Harding, Kevin Nguyen, Joana Emhof, Hans Osheim, John Rowland, and Sarah Broughton.

In the near future, Adam hopes to return to a format that brings people together in person.  Stay tuned for a future episode featuring Kevin Hirth, Mike Moore, Mike Blea, and Breton Lujan.