Architecture students design plaza for historic Colorado mountain town

May 6, 2009

Photo of the dedication of the new city square in Palidisade, Colo.

Two graduate level architecture students from University of Colorado Denver’s College of Architecture and Planning (CAP) designed and helped install a new plaza for the western slope community of Palisade, Colo. Chris Snyder and Carrie Kronberg, working with Richard Sales, associate director of the Colorado Center for Community Development (CCCD), which is also located at UC Denver, were instrumental in getting this project off the ground with their initial design concepts.

Palisade’s Civic Plaza was dedicated on a sunny spring day in April. Palisade Mayor Dave Walker told the crowd at the dedication that “the community did not realize the potential for a plaza until after the UC Denver architecture students presented their ideas and drawings.”

The Palisade community said Snyder and Kronberg’s concept showed the area could be more than just a rundown parking lot. The students, who are now UC Denver graduates, completed this project as part of their internship with CCCD.

“Assigning architecture students to community-based projects throughout the state is a great way to apply the knowledge these students have learned at the university through applying their skills to real-world projects, but also it is a valuable experience for students to see how they will use their education in life,” said Sales.

The Civic Plaza was just one of the many proactive projects that the Colorado Center for Community Development is involved in with in Colorado’s rural communities.

Palisade, often referred to as the “Heart of Colorado’s Fruit and Wine Country”, is known for its peaches. The area hosts 75 percent of the state’s vineyards. Situated at the base of the Grand Mesa on the Colorado River, the community boasts of Victorian neighborhoods, and is adamant about the historic preservation of their downtown area.