Board of Regents Approves Budget, Votes to Reelect Chair and Vice Chair 

Board of Regents Approves Budget, Votes to Reelect Chair and Vice Chair

July 1, 2024

The last University of Colorado Board of Regents meeting of the fiscal year was held in Pueblo, which included leadership elections, budget approval, tenure awards, and more. 

Budget Approved with Improved Enrollment Projections 

The board approved the CU budget for 2024-25, including a $394 million CU Denver budget that includes the tuition, fees, and compensation scenarios signed off on at the April meeting.  

CU Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Chad Marturano noted that CU Denver’s fall 2024 enrollment forecast improved significantly between April and June, changing from 3.5% down in the last forecast to 1.7% down in the latest projections. CU Denver is trending up significantly in new student enrollment, putting the university in a stronger position than anticipated. In her campus report, CU Denver Chancellor Michelle Marks thanked the Strategic Enrollment and Student Success division and the schools and colleges for their hard work and success in enrolling students. 

Engineering Building Added to State Funding Request List 

The regents voted to include CU Denver’s proposed Engineering building in the System’s state-funded capital construction requests. Then, they approved the complete system priority list for the 2025-26 funding cycle, which includes the engineering building as CU’s top capital priority. 

New Certificate for Prison Education Program 

The board approved an Applied Skills for Democracy undergraduate certificate in CU Denver’s College-in-Prison Program. The 30-credit sequence meets the requirements of a new Colorado law that mandates a six-month sentence reduction for incarcerated students who complete a 30-credit certificate. Nine of the ten classes count toward CU Denver’s core Bachelor of Arts degree requirements. The certificate provides incarcerated students with the skills needed to be successful citizens while setting them up to continue their education if they choose. 

CU Denver Faculty Earn Tenure 

Nineteen CU Denver faculty were awarded tenure by the Board of Regents this year:  

  • Erin Edward Austin (Mathematical and Statistical Sciences) 
  • Soumia Bardhan (Communication) 
  • Sara Branco (Integrative Biology) 
  • Lucinda Bliss (Visual Arts) 
  • Jenna Burke (Business) 
  • Ersin Dincelli (Business) 
  • Yu Du (Business) 
  • Xiang Fang (Business) 
  • Vijay Harid (Electrical Engineering) 
  • Liang He (Computer Science & Engineering) 
  • Jung-Jae Lee (Chemistry)
  • Carly Leonard (Psychology) 
  • Chelsea Magin (Bioengineering) 
  • Shuyang Peng (Public Affairs) 
  • Bradford Smith (Bioengineering) 
  • Dale Stahl (History)
  • Yang Wang (Visual Arts) 
  • I-hao Woo (Modern Languages) 
  • Barton Willage (Economics) 

Board Condemns Protests at Private Residences 

The regents unanimously passed a resolution condemning Students for a Democratic Society for organizing protests outside the homes of Board Chair Rennison and Regent Ilana Spiegel. 

Weapons Policy Aligns With New State Law 

The board amended the language of Regent Policy 14.I (Weapons Control) to align with the Colorado law signed by Gov. Jared Polis in May that prohibits carrying firearms in sensitive spaces, including university campuses. The revised policy says that the University of Colorado and university community members will comply with all state concealed carry laws prohibiting carrying a weapon on university property. 

CU in Pueblo 

Last year, the regents decided to hold one board meeting somewhere other than a CU campus to demonstrate the university’s commitment to serving the entire state. The June meeting was the first Board of Regents meeting in Pueblo since 2000. 

Micah Espinoza, Southern Colorado Regional Program Manager for the CU System, moderated a State of Pueblo panel discussion with local leaders who discussed the needs of the Pueblo community and workforce. The regents also toured Pueblo on Wednesday and hosted a community reception on Thursday. 

Leadership Elections, Transitions, and Recognitions 

The regents reelected Board Chair Callie Rennison, a professor of criminal justice at CU Denver, and Board Vice Chair Ken Montera to their respective roles for the 2024-25 academic year. Each was the sole nominee for their position. 

CU Faculty Council Chair Alastair Norcross shared that all three of the council’s officers were reelected, and this fall, the council will ask faculty across the System to vote on creating a chair-elect position. 

Alan Slinkard, co-chair of the University of Colorado Staff Council (UCSC), is stepping down and will be replaced by Kimberly Slavsky for the upcoming year. Ja’Net Hurt, executive assistant to the dean in the School of Education & Human Development at CU Denver, will continue as the other UCSC co-chair. 

The June meeting marked the last Board of Regents meeting for Slinkard, Intercampus Student Forum Chair Nicholas Dawson, and CU Boulder Chancellor Phil DiStefano in their respective roles. The regents passed resolutions of appreciation for each of them and awarded DiStefano chancellor emeritus status. 

The regents also recognized CU Treasurer Usha Sharma, recently named one of the Top 50 Women Chief Investment Officers of 2024. Sharma earned master’s degrees in Business Administration and Finance from CU Denver.