Doctor Noize records a song with family telling others to stay home during coronavirus pandemic

CAM Faculty Encourages Families to "Stay At Home" With an Original Song

April 3, 2020

Social distancing indoors with the whole family doesn’t need to mean feeling bored. During his spring break, CU Denver Music and Entertainment Industry Studies Recording Arts Professor Cory Cullinan, AKA “Doctor Noize,” got creative. One day, Cullinan wrote an over-the-top, 70s family band-inspired song to record with his loved ones. Together with his wife and two daughters, they recorded the track and a music video for Doctor Noize’s latest hit, “Stay At Home,” in their home studio.

Beyond being a professor at CU Denver, Cullinan is a children’s recording artist, composer, and author. He knows other families are spending more time together, so he released all of Doctor Noize’s commercially released albums, videos, and learning curriculums for free online. Now, other families can also spend time at home together and connect over music, like the Cullinans.

Check out the Cullinan family’s music video for “Stay At Home” here.