Campus and Workplace Culture Pulse Survey to Track DEI Progress

September 1, 2023

In October 2021, CU Denver launched the Campus and Workplace Culture (CWC) Survey, which was open to all students, faculty, and staff, to help the university better understand its campus culture as it relates to diversity, equity, and inclusion and support efforts outlined in CU Denver’s 2030 Strategic Plan. In particular, the survey touched on topics related to Goal 1 (to become the nation’s first equity-serving institution) and Goal 5 (to become known as a people-centered best place to work). Questions centered on academic and workplace culture and sense of belonging. 

Now, the campus is preparing for the launch of a pulse survey to gauge the university’s progress over the past two years, measure against existing goals, and guide DEI-related work moving forward. But before the pulse survey launches (on Oct. 2 for faculty and staff and Oct. 16 for students), you may be wondering what’s happened since the original CWC survey. Below are a few examples of initiatives and actions that resulted from the survey. 

Schools, Colleges, and Units Form Inclusive Excellence Plans 

In spring 2022, CU Denver formed an Inclusive Excellence Council (IEC), which is comprised of associate deans and unit leaders from colleges, schools, and units. Members were charged with developing unit-level plans that incorporate what DEI resources were currently in place and what gaps needed to be prioritized, as well as data-informed recommendations for deans and campus leadership. You can explore individual reports here.  

Supervisor Academies Offer Professional Growth Opportunities  

Also in spring 2022, campus leaders announced a professional development program focused on the growth of staff supervisors in the workplace and in the CU Denver community. The first cohort started in fall 2022 and marked the first time CU Denver launched a yearlong cohort-style professional development program specifically designed for staff supervisors. The initiative is continuing, and a new cohort started the program last month.   

Updated Holiday Calendar Offers Consistency, Flexibility 

In summer 2023, Vice Chancellor for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Antonio Farias and Assistant Vice Chancellor for Human Resources teri engelke led a committee of faculty, staff, and students through an analysis of CU Denver’s holiday calendar. Their priorities were to create consistency and review the dates through a diversity and equity lens, while also finding ways to maximize student success. As a result, the new holiday schedule includes 13 total holidays: 12 specific dates and one floating day to be used until June 30, 2024.