Comcast contributes $5 million to establish innovative media center

January 31, 2017

The University of Colorado Denver has announced the launch of the Comcast Media and Technology Center, a new academic facility made possible by a cash and in-kind contribution from Comcast Cable valued at $5 million.  The Comcast Media and Technology Center at CU Denver will offer a special curriculum designed to help cultivate the unique combination of technical and creative skills necessary to create the workforce of tomorrow.

The multi-disciplinary academic center located in the Tivoli Student Union on the Auraria Campus will provide an opportunity to engage many audiences in collaborative activities focused on new approaches to research and development, media creation and content delivery.

Rendering of Comcast Media and Technology Center
Architectural rendering of the new Comcast Media and Technology Center located in the Tivoli Student Union.

As a partnership between Comcast and CU Denver’s College of Arts & Media and College of Engineering and Applied Science, the Comcast Media and Technology Center will be a place for students, researchers, Comcast employees, and the greater community to work together to develop new technologies and learn from one another, such as the new program in Computer Graphics and Visual Effects.

“The Comcast Media and Technology Center is an example of how CU Denver works with our industry partners to develop innovative approaches to the problems of today,” said CU Denver Chancellor Dorothy Horrell. “We’re grateful for Comcast’s support and delighted to be able to offer this resource for the community.”

“We are proud of the role we’ve been able to play in building Denver’s vibrant technology community, and are committed to helping it grow and thrive,” said Matt McConnell, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Comcast Technology Solutions. “The Comcast Media and Technology Center will help to empower the professionals of today and tomorrow with the skills they need to innovate the next generation of rich, immersive media experiences.”

The Comcast Media and Technology Center will engage CU Denver students who study engineering or arts and media to come together and apply what they are learning in the classroom to real-world problems.  Students will take part in courses focused on building collaborative skills and creating innovative media content.  They will learn to work together on complex problems in a setting designed to prepare the next generation of creative leaders.

“If creativity is the currency of the 21st Century, then academic institutions need to join with media and technology organizations to work toward discovery and excellence in creativity,” said College of Arts & Media Dean Laurence Kaptain.  “Denver is the ideal place where our college can align with Comcast to advance the creative economy and the tools necessary to succeed after graduation.”

Comcast, as part of its mission to invest in the community, will offer internships to CU Denver students involved in the center.

“Comcast brings together the best in media and technology.  At the College of Engineering and Applied Science, we develop new and innovative methods to approach and solve modern-day problems,” said Marc Ingber, dean of the College of Engineering and Applied Science.  “This passion, shared by CU Denver and Comcast, enables a creative work force to implement the world’s best experiences. This new cutting-edge venue will allow CU Denver students to learn with purpose and inspire change.”