CU Denver appoints researcher to help Colorado grow as cultural hub

Dr. Michael Seman eager to engage with city to continue to foster the growth of creative economy

November 30, 2016
Dr. Michael Seman (Photo by Stanton J. Stephens)

The University of Colorado Denver announced the appointment of Dr. Michael Seman as the Director of Creative Industries Research and Policy. Seman, who began the position this month, will be working in coordination with Denver Arts & Venues and Colorado Creative Industries, the state’s art council, to research and implement tactics that foster growth in the local creative economy.

In this role, Seman will help to understand how creative industries like music, art, and theater contribute and transform our local and state economies. Seman will gather much needed data on current creative assets in Denver and will inform policy makers how future investment in creative industries will contribute to overall economic growth.

Seman, a published author and scholar, spent several years as an executive at Creative Artists Agency in Beverly Hills, California where he focused on internal marketing and project development prior to completing his graduate degrees. His work primarily examines the intersection of the creative economy, entrepreneurship, and economic development on the urban landscape. In the past, his research into music geography and urban economics found that by enhancing their local music scenes, cities are more likely to attract and retain educated, highly skilled residents.

“I look forward to helping the City of Denver further understand the value and dynamics of their creative economy in an integrated, holistic way from successful, high profile events and institutions to the city’s all-ages DIY spaces,” says Seman. “Paramount in my efforts will be the inclusion of CU Denver students who are already participants in this economy and are looking for ways to push it and their careers forward as well as those who aren’t students, but who might be interested in how our programs could help them reach their goals.”

This new position was created to coincide with the City of Denver’s cultural plan, IMAGINE 2020, which provides a collective framework for innovation and advancement in the arts. Both Governor John Hickenlooper and Denver Mayor Michael Hancock have emphasized the importance creative industries play on the city and state’s social, cultural, and economic growth.

“As Dean, I follow the career outlook for our students very closely”, said Laurence Kaptain, Dean of CU Denver College of Arts & Media. “Higher education continues to face new imperatives from business and vocational demands with exciting new career fields opening within information technology, media and entertainment. Dr. Seman brings experience understanding how to grow a city’s creative economy and his work will ensure CAM and Colorado are on the forefront of this change”

The University of Colorado Denver College of Arts & Media is committed to answering the call both inside and outside the classroom to access the diversity of the creative economy and cultural energy of Denver and beyond. By working in classrooms, with the city, and faculty, Seman will help achieve this mission.

CU Denver College of Arts and Media  is the first college in Colorado devoted exclusively to arts and entertainment. The College of Arts & Media understands the influence of modern trends on traditional art forms. The faculty is comprised of artistic masters and educators connected to the pulse of art and entertainment.