CU Denver Earns Healthy Minds Designation

October 26, 2022

While there are many factors that contribute to student success, mental health and wellbeing continue to rise to the top of the list of what positively impacts a student’s experience. That’s why CU Denver is proud to earn the Healthy Minds designation from the Colorado Department of Higher Education (CDHE), which recognizes institutions committed to supporting the mental health and academic success of students. 

To earn the Healthy Minds designation, a school must include mental health services information on syllabi and student IDs, offer prevention programs focused on improving mental health, hold at least one awareness event per year, and provide access to online mental health support or connect students to community resources. CU Denver worked with CDHE to meet the Healthy Minds Campus Checklist, which was developed by representatives from higher education, nonprofits, and state agencies.  

In addition to improving student outcomes, the economic impact of supporting mental health can also be felt throughout the state, as the CDHE cites a case study showing that for every dollar spent on student mental health services, society will save $6.49 per student. “These interventions can go on to save the state millions of dollars while supporting the health, financial and professional success of students as they continue post-college life,” said the CDHE. “A Healthy Minds designation symbolizes a commitment to helping communities thrive, and brings to light a new meaning of what it means to support social determinants of student success.” 

CU Denver offers private and confidential mental health services including one-on-one appointments and group workshops through the CU Denver Counseling Center, as well as wellness groups through the CU Denver Psychology Clinic focusing on stress management, self-care tools, and communication strategies. A survey conducted by The Healthy Minds Network found satisfaction rates of nearly 90% among current students who used campus mental health services at CU Denver, suggesting services are effective according to the data.