CU Denver Helps Business Student Neeka Mirfakhrai Find Her Next Move

May 11, 2023

Neeka Mirfakhrai was used to getting advice from her close-knit family. So she wasn’t surprised when her parents and older sister, Sogand, told her to think big when she started her higher education journey at CU Denver. It didn’t take long for Mirfakhrai to find her own path at the university’s Business School.  

On May 13, Mirfakhrai will receive degrees in international business and business management. And she already has a job secured with one of the nation’s largest accounting firms: Deloitte. She hopes to take a short break after wrapping up an internship at Charles Schwab, but will start her new job in June. 

Mirfakhrai credits her sister—who graduated from CU Denver in December 2022 with a marketing degree—for inspiring her to seek out a career that excited her and to use CU Denver programs, classes, and clubs to turn her dream into a reality. “Joining CU Denver is an amazing opportunity for self-discovery, education, and skill growth,” Mirfakhrai said. “The abundance of resources provided at the university allows for an exceptional experience that I highly recommend.” 

Neeka Mirfakhrai holds a photo of her and her sister, who graduated from CU Denver in 2022.

The two sisters were extremely grateful for the education freedom as it was different from the higher education system in Iran, where their family is from. Once Mirfakhrai realized business was her passion, she consulted with her sister about what courses to take at CU Denver. And at Sogand’s suggestion, she joined the Business Student Ambassador Committee. It’s through the coursework and the club that she gained valuable networking opportunities, which helped her get an internship and, in turn, helped her land a job.  

The coursework, she said, provided knowledge in accounting, finance, marketing, and management, which gave her the skills to analyze business situations, make informed decisions, and adapt to new challenges. She also learned about cultural differences and unique business practices of various countries, which will enable her to navigate international business environments with ease.  

While Neeka Mirfakhrai will head to California for her job with Deloitte, her sister took a job in Denver as an Account Executive at Transperfect, a national global communication company that translates seven million words a day, according to its website.  

Mirfakhrai is excited about what the future holds but will remember her days at CU Denver with great fondness, especially walking to the library to study with her sister and meeting mutual friends on campus to hang out. “It was a special time that strengthened our sister bond,” she said.