CU Denver Transfer Student Paul Redmond: A Whole New Perspective on the University Experience

February 21, 2022

Growing up in Aurora, CU Denver transfer student Paul Redmond struggled in school. “I had a very low GPA and was only really focused on sports,” he says. “But once I hit college I grew up and figured it out.”

Redmond started at the University of Colorado Springs in the fall of 2018 but decided to move home after his freshman year to save money. He applied to CU Denver as a more affordable option and because of its geography and environmental sciences (GES) department’s reputation. 

A Convenient, Affordable, Welcoming Urban Home

Redmond found the process of transferring to CU Denver easy and efficient. “I ended up taking a tour in the summer of 2019 while my application was under review because I wasn’t 100 percent committed,” he recalls. “I got all my questions answered and the following week, I received my acceptance letter.”

He started at CU Denver in fall 2019 and enjoyed the efforts CU Denver makes to welcome transfer students (who make up most of the student body) such as National Student Transfer Week, aimed at recognizing and supporting the transfer-student path through activities and events geared to this student demographic.

“At first I was kind of scared because it felt like I was re-starting college, but once I was able to meet people and take classes, I felt like I was home,” he says.

The university exceeded Redmond’s expectations. “I think the best part about CU Denver is the downtown location,” he says. “There’s so much to do—theatre, cultural activities, sports stadiums. I think that urban aspect sets CU Denver apart from other campuses.”

A Diverse and Inclusive Campus

Of Filipino descent on his mother’s side and white on his father’s, Redmond was “blown away” by CU Denver’s diversity and sense of inclusion. “The campus feels like a complete melting pot of cultures and people,” he says. “I attended the Sibol: Filipino Student Association meetings that were really fun, and I’ve made friends with so many Filipinos, Asian students, and mixed-race students.”

Redmond credits GES for ongoing support. “I’ve been taking classes with a lot of the same students since my first semester on campus,” he says. “That’s been really helpful. When we moved online (because of the pandemic), I still felt like I knew the people in my classes and could talk with them over the phone.”

Finding a Road to Future Employment

In his second semester at CU Denver, Redmond landed a work-study job in the undergraduate admissions department  that has provided valuable financial support and another source of friendship and camaraderie. He plans to earn a bachelor’s in geography in June 2022 and is exploring government jobs in geography and mapping, or possibly nourishing his thirst for travel by working as a flight attendant.

“GES sends me emails almost every week with internship and job opportunities,” he says. “They’re always trying to help us with our next steps.”

Redmond also cites Lynx Connect Career Center as a valuable employment and internship resource for students.

He would “absolutely recommend CU Denver to other transfer students or any student,” he says. “The location is great, the tuition is very reasonable, and even though it’s considered more of a commuter campus, you still get a great sense of campus community. Commuting here, studying here, and working here has given me a whole different perspective on what the university experience can be.” Feb. 23 is Free Application Day for Undergrad Transfer Studentsapply now!