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CU Denver Unveils its 50th Anniversary Website: Share Your Story!

October 18, 2022

Since 1973, CU Denver has educated, inspired, and served more than 100,000 students by looking forward and embracing change. At CU Denver, our community champions unbridled thinking and fosters an environment where connections are made, new knowledge is created, and people’s stories are written.  

This academic year marks a golden anniversary for CU Denver, and as part of the year-long celebration we’ve launched the 50th anniversary website. This is a digital space for the CU Denver community to come together, share their experiences on the 50th Anniversary Story Wall, and explore the milestones and people who shaped our history on the interactive timeline.  

CU Denver’s history isn’t complete without you. We invite all members of the CU Denver community to share their unique story, from photographs and videos to written memories. Contribute mementos of your time at CU Denver to have an opportunity to be featured on the website. Whether you are a retired faculty member, an active student, or a working staff member, we want to hear about your experiences, favorite memories, and moments of discovery with CU Denver during the past 50 years.  

And keep checking back in on the site: We will continue to add more stories, quotes from prominent figures around campus, and meaningful ways to get engaged. As a member of our community, you are a part of the history and legacy of this institution. Please use this website as a platform to share who you are and what made your experience at CU Denver so special.