CU Denver Welcomes New Staff to Our Lynx Community

August 30, 2023

In our commitment to make education work for all, CU Denver strives to provide every learner with the support they need to navigate their academic journey. From our custodial staff to librarians, academic advisors, and so many more, our more than 1,600 staff provide vital support for our students’ academic journey. Below is a list of staff members who have joined CU Denver from May 2023 to August 2023. Join us in welcoming them to our Lynx community! 

New Staff Members

Aana Rase
Aaron Johnson
Aimara Rodriguez
Alana Leonard
Alejandra Fabiola Medina Carrillo
Amber Turmell
Andrey Mikhailitchenko
Ann Sherman
Ashley Bergemann
Cameron Tierno
Chelsea Hull
Chloe Dechiro
Christine Davis
Christopher Burke
Chynna Heinen
Cory Soble
Daniela Castorena
Danny Aldrich
Dante Cataldo
Eleanor Kurucz
Elizabeth Huntley
Emilia Covault
Emily Adams
Evelyn LoGiudici
Hannah Majka
Hannah Stewart
Haydin Trimble
Ibrahim Mohamed
Isabel Saari
Ishani Pathak
James Hough
Jennifer Gregory
John Ryan Nash
Jose Sanchez Cetina
Julieann Spray
Karina De Jesus
Katharine Warner
Kelly Konrad
Lee Ann Zies
Madeline Maxwell-Underwood
Madison McCue
Matthew Watson
Megan McCloud
Mekdes Workneh
Mikaila Kinsland
Mitchell Howes
Nancy Westfall
Nicole Russell
Pamela Toney
Peter Bambini
Raeyana DeGray
Shanae Adams
Sonja Rizzolo
Stacey Holland
Tanisha Maredia
Thais Gaia Oliveira
Timothy Hernandez
Todd Deese
Veronica Jayne
Victoria Watson
William Sledge