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‘Dramatic gains’ for university

CU in the City campaign boosts awareness and image ratings

October 2, 2018

You know the CU in the City campaign. You celebrated the campaign launch. You watched the TV commercial. You’ve seen the street art.

“Metro residents now consider CU Denver one of the top-rated local universities.”

– Karl Weiss

Now, you can see the results of this strategic, multi-faceted marketing campaign led by University Communications. By promoting high-quality education in the heart of the Mile High City, CU in the City has helped boost the university’s rankings in key marketing areas – including awareness, image and likelihood to recommend.

“The improvements in CU Denver’s market ratings are phenomenal,” said Karl Weiss, CEO of Market Perceptions, the research firm that has measured CU Denver’s market ratings since 2012. “Many of our clients are struggling, but at CU Denver, we’ve seen dramatic gains in the past six years. Metro residents now consider CU Denver one of the top-rated local universities.”

CU in the City has complemented other large-scale developments and programs that demonstrate the university’s role as a vital community resource – including the brand-new Lola & Rob Salazar Student Wellness Center, the just-opened CityCenter and a planned first-year residence hall.

On top of that, the All Four: Colorado campaign has reinforced CU Denver’s place in the CU System, an institution known for excellence and high-quality education.

All of these initiatives have worked in harmony to make CU Denver better known as an urban hub of knowledge, discovery and partnership. Here are some numbers to back that up:

  • Of Denver-metro residents, 52 percent would recommend CU Denver to a friend or family member – nearly double what it was four years ago.
  • Awareness of CU Denver has grown, with metro residents recalling CU Denver advertising first over competitors 21 percent of the time – more than double what it was four years ago.
  • Denver-metro residents gave significantly higher image ratings of CU Denver than in the past in all areas measured, including academic quality, groundbreaking research and experiential-learning opportunities.
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CU in the City messaging and imagery helped boost the university’s rankings in key marketing areas.

“The improvements are so great that they’re probably hard to believe,” Weiss said. “While scores for advertising recall are decreasing almost across the board for other companies and organizations, they’re increasing at CU Denver. Everything is working for CU Denver right now.”

Leanna Clark, vice chancellor for University Communications, applauds the continuing success of all efforts to raise the university’s reputation.

“Our university has an amazing story to tell in terms of scholarly excellence and student opportunities in a vibrant urban area,” she said. “We are privileged to be able to spread the word.”

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