Attendees at CU Denver's Annual Tenure and Promotion Lunch

Diverse Faculty Talent Honored at Annual Tenure and Promotion Lunch

October 24, 2023

CU Denver honored 51 faculty members who received tenure or a promotion in rank in the past year at a Thursday, Oct. 19 luncheon at the Lawrence Street Center’s Terrace Room. “When we recognize our own with these milestones that we set, it’s a way of raising the bar on ourselves. And I see that as one of the very best ways to honor our own,” Provost Constancio Nakuma told attendees. “Congratulations for reaching this milestone. You’ve earned it.” 

CU Denver faculty members, which included 25 Instructional, Research, and Clinical (IRC) faculty, honored for career advancement this year include:  

  • 11 incumbent faculty that earned tenure and/or promotion to associate professor 
  • Four new faculty appointed with tenure 
  • 10 incumbent faculty promoted to professor 
  • 15 promotions to senior or principal instructor 
  • 10 clinical teaching faculty promotions to associate professor or professor 
  • One promotion to senior research associate 

“I’m appreciative of being at an institution that supports faculty who are able to take different tracks to success,” Chancellor Michelle Marks told attendees. “There are so many faculty that are critical to creating the learning environments to help our students succeed.” 

See below for full list of honorees.   

Newly Tenured Faculty Promoted Faculty
Jennifer Boylan (CLAS, Health & Behavioral Sciences) 
Chloe East (CLAS, Economics) 
Fatima Esseili (CLAS, English) 
John (Nick) Fisk (CLAS, Chemistry) 
Andrea Velasquez Guijo (CLAS, Economics) 
Turan Kayaoglu (CLAS, Political Science) 
Michael Kocet (SEHD) 
Adam Lippert (CLAS, Sociology) 
Julia Mahfouz (SEHD) 
Alyssa Martoccio (CLAS, Modern Languages) 
Kristyn Masters (CEDC, Bioengineering) 
Andrey Mikhailitchenko (Business)  
Geoffrey Propheter (SPA) 
Manish Shirgaokar (CAP, Urban & Regional Planning) 
Alireza Vahid (CEDC, Electrical Engineering) 
Hamilton Bean (CLAS, Communication) 
Tom Beck (Auraria Library) 
Richard Benninger (CEDC, Bioengineering) 
Wendy Bolyard (SPA) 
Troy Butler (CLAS, Mathematical & Statistical Sciences) 
Paul Conner (CAM, Visual Arts) 
Priscilla Crocker (CLAS, Chemistry) 
Katy DiVittorio (Auraria Library) 
Kevin Everhart (CLAS, Psychology) 
Troyann Gentile (SEHD, Counseling) 
Katherine Goodman (CEDC, Inworks) 
Andrew Guerrero (CAM, Music & Entertainment Industry Studies) 
Katherine Gunny (Business, Accounting) 
Keith Guzik (CLAS, Sociology) 
Sarah Hagelin (CLAS, English) 
Jeff Helton (Business, Health Administration) 
Kyoung Nan Kim (CLAS, Chemistry) 
Salim Lakhani (CEDC, Computer Science & Engineering) 
Jim LoPresti (Business, Entrepreneurship/Management) 
Jason Machado (SPA) 
Joseph Murdock (Business, Information Systems) 
Jeffrey Nystrom (Business, Management) 
Weslley DaSilva Pereira  (CLAS, Mathematical & Statistical Sciences) 
Hans Rosenwinkel (CAM, Film & Television) 
David Ruderman (Business, Management/Entrepreneurship) 
Lonnie Schaible (SPA, Criminal Justice) 
Yue Shen (CLAS, Economics/ICB) 
Vivian Shyu (CLAS, Psychology) 
Gillian Silverman (CLAS, English) 
Leslie Soich (CAM, Music & Entertainment Industry Studies) 
Elizabeth Steed (SEHD, Early Childhood Education) 
Keith Teeter (Auraria Library) 
Jenny Vermilya (CLAS, Sociology) 
Bailey Wallace (Auraria Library) 
Pamela Whitten (CLAS, Mathematical & Statistical Sciences) 
Monika Wittig (CEDC, Inworks)