University of Colorado Denver building near Larimer St

Employee Campus Return Checklist

May 24, 2021

In one week from today, many CU Denver employees will begin their soft return to the office after working remotely for the past 15 months. While this marks an encouraging step toward a semblance of normal life, we understand it may be daunting for some of our community members. To assist in the transition, we’ve created a checklist to prepare you for your first day and week back on campus.  

Read a recap of the May 24 info session to learn more about campus operations this summer.

1. Bring your University of Colorado Denver ID.

If you’ve lost your ID card or it is expired, please reach out to your HR Business partner for assistance. 

2. Plan how you will get to campus.

Confirm RTD service routes and times if you will use public transportation or check out safe biking routes if you plan to ride a bike or scooter regularly. See the RTD EcoPass Enrollment form for EcoPass options and rates.  

3. Plan where you will park.

If you plan to use the free underground parking in the Business School or CU Denver buildings, make sure that your University of Colorado Denver ID card has been activated in advance by contacting: If you plan to use this parking option, please give yourself enough time in your commute in case the garages are full and you need to find alternate parking.  

4. Identify all items that you need for a successful day in the office:

  • Office key  
  • Face covering 
  • IT equipment you need to complete your work on campus 
  • Water bottle 
  • Lunch/snacks/coffee or tea (be aware there may be limited food options available on or around campus) 
  • Any other items that you brought home during the remote work period (office chair, paper files, office supplies, etc.)  

5. Develop a plan for your return.

Confirm your scheduled on-campus and remote days with your supervisor and team members. 

6. Try not to schedule too many meetings. 

On your first day back, take time to settle back into your space. 

7. Review the latest updates and information.

Keep up to date with the Lynx Together FAQs for the most current information regarding return to campus topics. 

8. Be prepared for colleagues to be eager to socialize and catch up.

Be prepared for colleagues to be eager to socialize and catch up. The last 15 months have been challenging for many, so be mindful of your own experiences and be open to others who may have faced different challenges.  

9. Pace yourself and include time for reflection during the “soft return” to campus.  

Pace yourself and include time for reflection during the “soft return” to campus. Think about what is going well and what you would like to amend in your own personal plan going forward.  

We’ve got this, Lynx, and we can’t wait to see you on campus.