Headshots of Angie Crum, Ryan Bramlett, Finley Sutton, Wes Wright Jr., and Derek Updegrove

Fall 2022 Graduating Student Shout-Outs

December 19, 2022

Meet some of our amazing Fall 2022 graduating students from the CU Denver College of Architecture and Planning (CAP). The following students were recognized by CAP faculty members for their hard work and dedication to their studies and to the life of the college. The Fall 2022 Commencement Ceremony was held on Saturday, December 17 at the Colorado Convention Center.

Bachelor of Science in Architecture

Angela (Angie) Crum (she/her/hers or they/them/their)

Angie Crum headshot

Before moving to Denver from Seattle to study architecture, Angie Crum worked as a skateboarding instructor and gender and LGBTQAI+ activist in their community. Angie was first drawn to studying architecture through a desire to develop design skills through making.

“With my time in the undergraduate architecture program at the University of Colorado Denver, I most enjoyed working in the CAP Fabrication Labs learning how to use the CNC machines,” said Angie. “That experience guided my interest toward continuing my education to pursue a Master of Architecture with a focus in Digital Fabrication.”

Master of Architecture

Ryan Bramlett (he/him/his)

Ryan Bramlet headshot

Ryan Bramlett found his way to architecture after spending many an evening observing Storefront for Art and Architecture from his bustling restaurant job in Lower Manhattan. Ready for a new chapter, Ryan moved back to his native Colorado to begin the M.Arch program at CU Denver. As a graduate student, he has sought to investigate the complex relationships between landscape, identity, and architecture in our rapidly evolving environment. After graduation, Ryan looks forward to bringing these pressing questions into professional practice.

Master of Urban and Regional Planning

Carl “Wes” Wright Jr. (he/him/his)

Wes Wright Jr. headshot

Carl “Wes” Wright Jr. is a military veteran who started college after high school, but shortly after, realized he was not ready and decided to join the military. A few years later, Wes enrolled at Colorado State University to pursue a degree in environmental science, and this year, Wes graduated from CU Denver with a Master of Urban and Regional Planning degree.

Wes’ Master of Urban and Regional Planning capstone project is based in Valverde, a formerly redlined community starting to see signs of gentrification while still experiencing the legacy of disinvestment from redlining, such as heavy truck traffic, lack of sidewalks, lack of amenities, few trees, lots of air pollution, etc.  He’s working with the community members to plan a bikeway for youth to access the Youth Empowerment Center, Barnum Rec Center, and Valverde Elementary without getting run over by a semi or train.

Wes worked hard to fund and afford his education beyond the assistance of the GI Bill. He is a dedicated student and works in the CU Denver Office of Veteran and Military Student Services, where he provides support to others, like himself, who are sometimes challenged by making the shift from team-focused military culture to an individual-focused school culture. Learn more about Wes.

DUAL Master of Landscape Architecture and Master of Urban and Regional Planning

Finley Sutton (she/her/hers)

Finley Sutton headshot

Finley Sutton’s interest in food justice and local food systems led her to apply for the Master of Landscape Architecture program at CU Denver. Over time, Finley also developed a passion for learning about affordable housing, inclusive public spaces, and the spatial politics of homelessness, and this semester, she is graduating with a dual degree in landscape architecture and urban and regional planning.

“My time at CAP pushed me to grow as an individual, a student, a professional, and a friend,” said Finley. “I am grateful to have worked with such a supportive and uplifting cohort and faculty.”

Finley was also a part of the team that received the 2022 American Society of Landscape Architects student honor award in community service for their project, “15 Weeks to Transform Colorado’s Unique Ecosystem into a Learning Landscape.”

Finley joined MIG as an urban planning and design associate earlier this year.

Derek Updegrove (he/him/his)

Derek Updegrove headshot

Derek Updegrove entered this program eager to design and leave with an understanding of my role as a designer. Derek is inspired by the landscapes buried under the industrial legacies that live underneath our cities, in symbology—both current and historic—and in the quick sketches and conversations that an hour-long site visit can provide. 

“Landscape architecture combines a love of art, a desire to heal ecosystems, and a mission to connect people to each other,” said Derek. “It offers the opportunity to create something beautiful, and the fulfillment of having the outcome be a shared vision, rich with meaning and utility.”

After graduation, Derek will work on river restoration and public park projects at Stream Landscape Architecture and Planning.