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Feb. 10 Board of Regents Roundup

February 15, 2022

At its Feb. 10 meeting, the University of Colorado Board of Regents heard from CU Denver’s Climate and Workplace Culture Steering Committee on preliminary findings for the fall 2021 climate survey. The Regents also approved a new degree in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences designed to provide maximum flexibility and pledged their support for increasing access to lactation spaces for new parents on campus.

Preliminary Culture Survey Data/Timeline Shared

Members from the Climate and Workplace Culture Steering Committee, led by Vice Chancellor for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Antonio Farias, shared key preliminary findings to five questions in the survey covering campus interactions and employee wellness. The Board of Regents requested data from each campus for these questions specifically, and the steering committee is developing tools that will both guide individuals through the entirety of the survey findings and allow individuals the freedom to explore areas they find particularly compelling. All survey data is expected to be shared with the campus community in early April. View the presentation

New Degree in Integrated Studies Approved

The Regents approved a new degree in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences beginning fall 2022. The new bachelor of arts/bachelor of sciences degree in integrated studies is designed to eliminate barriers that prevent students from completing their degrees on time and provide maximum flexibility and multiple pathways through the curriculum tailored to each individual, according to the proposal. 

In the new degree, students construct an individualized major that meets their unique needs through the combination of two course clusters. One cluster must be based on a CLAS minor or certificate. The second cluster can be constructed based on a minor or certificate within CLAS or another school or college, or by grouping courses from a variety of disciplines or a pre-formed thematic cluster. The degree’s personalized clusters allow students to bundle their previously earned college credits that did not lead to a degree, making time to completion much shorter and costs less expensive. 

“With this major, students will gain the foundation of a liberal arts education that includes critical thinking, effective communication, cultural diversity, data analysis, quantitative and digital literacy, integration of information and ideas across different contexts, and problem solving,” the proposal says. “Having students design their degrees will leverage their knowledge, inspire confidence and resilience, empower their decisions, and generate deeper participation in their learning processes.”

Regents Approve Lactation Resolution

The Board of Regents also voted to support the ongoing work by the four CU campuses and the system office to develop robust lactation policies that meet and exceed all federal, state, and local policies and guidelines. Per the approved resolution, campuses will develop policies that increase access to lactation spaces for employees, students, and visitors to show support for parents, to lower absenteeism and reduce turnover, and to increase the productivity of new parents on campus.