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Free App Day—Just for Transfer Students

February 10, 2022

Transfer students represent the majority of undergraduate students at CU Denver. As a vital part of the Lynx community, transfer students offer different viewpoints in class that enrich the learning experience. Therefore, Gabriel Castaño, assistant vice chancellor for enrollment management, and his team decided to encourage more applications from undergraduate transfer students by offering a day when they can apply for free.

February 23 is Free App Day for Undergraduate Transfer Students

Application fees will be waived. There is no code needed. All CU campuses are participating in Free App Day for Undergraduate Transfer Students.

Transfer Students Represent Majority at CU Denver

Castaño hopes the Free App Day for transfer students will make it easier for undergraduate students at all levels to apply to transfer to CU Denver or any other University of Colorado campus. “Transfer students are an important part of our vibrant and diverse student population,” he said.  Transfer students benefit from CU Denver’s flexible class schedules and innovative learning options. “We have learned a lot from the pandemic and have even more innovative and flexible learning options than ever before,” he added.

Complete Your Degree

Ideally, Free App Day for transfer students will help more people earn their college degree. “Just over a year ago, the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center reported that there were 36 million Americans with some college experience but who have not completed a degree and are no longer enrolled,” Castaño said. “Since that report, we know the COVID-19 pandemic has forced many students to pause their academic pursuits. While there’s still a great deal of uncertainty, the fall looks hopeful and it is more important than ever to remove barriers for students to continue their studies. CU Denver is here to help.”

For questions about transferring to CU Denver, visit our transfer admissions website. Or you contact us at or 303.315.2601.