First Annual DEI Symposium at CU Denver Draws More Than 200 Attendees Committed to Creating an Equity-Serving Institution  
Captain Royce W. James, PhD, gives the keynote speech at the DEI symposium.

First Annual DEI Symposium at CU Denver Draws More Than 200 Attendees Committed to Creating an Equity-Serving Institution  

November 3, 2023

Many small steps lead to big changes, and everyone plays a part in achieving our collective success. That was the message the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and CU Denver leadership delivered at the university’s first DEI symposium, titled “Inclusion Makes Us Stronger: Expanding Equity at CU Denver.” 

The Nov. 1 event featured a keynote address from Captain Royce W. James, PhD, a physicist who works in the DEI field for the U.S. Coast Guard. Several CU Denver faculty, staff, and students were featured, including Student Government Association President Bria Combs. Breakout sessions were held on topics ranging from restorative justice to creating lasting change in DEI, best practices for diverse hiring, and why affinity groups matter. There was also a panel discussion about the impact of the Supreme Court’s recent decision on affirmative action.  

Antonio Farias, the vice chancellor for diversity, equity and inclusion, kicked off the event by asking the 220 people in attendance: What does it mean to be an equity-serving institution? He stressed the commonality in creating a space that invites, includes, and engages multiple voices across our diverse community. “It is not just about hearing those voices,” Farias said. “It’s about turning words into action.” The goal of the event, Farias said, was to inform the community about the progress made and energize faculty, staff, and students to continue working everyday toward our goal. 

I was mentored and shown the way by Dr. Barbara Christian, one of the greats of the Black Power Movement. She ingrained in me that it was my duty to release the rage, to pay it forward, to embrace a radical form of love that binds us in spirit in our darkest hours.

—Antonio Farias, vice chancellor for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 

The day was also an opportunity to share progress in key areas. Farias announced the availability of $1 million in funding over the next two years to fuel continued engagement, research, ideation, and data as part of our push toward inclusive excellence within our student, staff, and faculty.  

Chancellor Michele Marks, in particular, spoke about CU Denver’s journey to become the first equity-serving institution in the nation and recent achievements on that front. “This goal came from you—our CU Denver community,” said Marks. “I’m so proud that it leads our strategic plan.”  

Recent milestones include:  

“Our DEI journey is one of continuing progress,” Marks said. “It was ongoing when I got here, and it continues now. Think about how you can not only represent these ideals—but also champion them, among everyone you have the power to influence.” 

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