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Five podcasts to listen to in 2020

January 17, 2020

Though they first emerged in the early 2000s, podcasts have recently exploded in popularity. According to a 2019 consumer report, more than 51% of Americans 12 and older say they’ve listed to a podcast, and 41% of monthly podcast listeners say they are listening to more podcasts today compared to one year ago. The downloadable audio programs, oftentimes released as a series, cover virtually every topic known to man–crime, world affairs, politics, sports, and culture, to name a few. Some tell compelling stories; others feature interviews with favored public personas. Most are available for free on popular apps such as Apple’s Podcast, Spotify, and Google Play Music. 

CU Denver has a few of its own podcast enthusiasts who are using the service to share exciting news happening at the university and in the classroom. Denver in general has scores of podcasts on the city and the interesting people that inhabit it. Below are five to try in the new year.

CU on the Air

CU’s Vice President for Communication, Ken McConnellogue, sheds light on the progressive and world-changing research taking place at the university. Told from the perspective of faculty and staff who are leading experts in their fields, this podcast covers everything from lung disease to the history of beer.  

Culture Klatsch

A production of CU Denver’s English Department, this podcast examines how popular media affects our everyday lives. The goal is to “recreate those spontaneous conversations we all have in coffee shops while delving deeply into what topical books, television, and movies have to tell us about who we are and what we care most about.”

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My Youth on Record

TIAA Chancellor’s Urban Engaged Scholar Andrew Guerrero founded a non-profit organization called Youth on Record, which helps at-risk high school graduates of Denver Public Schools through music education. The organization’s podcast, My Youth on Record (MYOR), is where artists share the stories behind the music they created as teens.

Changing Denver

If you’re new to Denver, this is the podcast for you. Every month, Changing Denver highlights one of Denver’s neighborhoods, streets, parks, or people “through a relevant political or cultural, or historical lens.”

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Colorado Matters

Hosted by the credible Colorado Public Radio (CPR), this podcast consists of daily interviews on topics trending in the state, including people, issues, and ideas.