Five Tips for First-Year Students

July 31, 2020

Welcome to CU Denver! While we wish we could tell you that in person, we’re glad you’re here nonetheless. Your first year is going to look different than years before—which means it’s more important than ever to utilize the resources and opportunities available.

Connect with Your Professors

Whether your classes have face-to-face components or not, your professors want to get to know you. If your classes primarily have remote or online components, make sure your professor can put a face to your name. Pop in to virtual office hours when you can or say hello at the beginning of your Zoom class. Also, try to keep your video on during Zoom classes to quite literally put a face to your name. Down the road, if you need extra support, they’ll remember the effort you put in.

Pay Attention to How You Learn Best

Do you work better using a daily planner or calendar notifications in your phone for due dates? Do you feel like your brain works best in the morning, afternoon, or evening? With classes online, do you prefer to take notes on your computer or on paper? Pay attention to what makes you feel productive and what isn’t working. Understanding how you learn best will help you achieve success in your classes.

Find a Club or Student Organization

One of the best ways to succeed in college is to find a support network (or multiple). Student organizations and clubs are a surefire way to find those people. Check out MyLynx to see how groups are meeting and don’t be afraid to explore every one that interests you. Who knows, you may find a group of new friends, study partners, or weekend warriors to join you on safe-distanced activities. If you join the Zoom meeting and it doesn’t feel like the right fit, you can just leave instead of having to awkwardly sneak out of a classroom.

Get in Contact with LynxConnect to Navigate Internship and Job Opportunities

Considering the unique times we are living in, many employers and graduate programs understand gaps of employment on your resume, but there are still opportunities out there and you have so many resources at your disposal. Meet with an expert in LynxConnect who can help you gain experience in the field you love—we heard there are actually a lot of virtual opportunities out there! They can also help you figure out what the job market looks like right now.

Give Yourself (and Others) Compassion

We’re all trying to figure out what we’re doing and where we’re going. This first year at CU Denver will look different from previous semesters, but try to do your best to keep it from getting the best of you. Sometimes it may, and that’s alright. Just make the most of where you are right now. CU Denver is full of opportunities and resources for every student, whether you’re on-campus or fully remote. You have people rooting for you. Don’t forget that.