Five Tips to Easily Find Streaming Video at the Auraria Library

November 13, 2020

Happy to Help is a new series that offers quick tips for pesky issues—anything from how to fill out the FAFSA to what to watch during stressful times. Faculty, staff, students, and alumni will provide answers and expertise in brief listicle, visual, or video formats. All CU Denver community members can ask a question or present a solution by emailing  

This week our subject matter expert is Rick Simmons, video specialist at the Auraria Library. As we continue remotely teaching and learning through the fall and spring semester, he’s here to share a few simple tips on how to utilize the library’s free streaming video services.

Did you know that CU Denver students, faculty, and staff have access to more than 32,000 free streaming videos? The content covers a variety of topics, including government, news, literature, music, art, experimental films, psychology, documentaries, entertainment, and more. In-person resources may be limited, but thanks to the Auraria Library, there is no shortage of virtual video options.

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1. Search for Specific Streaming Videos

Visit the Auraria Library website’s Start My Research page and search for your specific streaming video title or topic. Be sure to click the “Media Only” button to specifically find media results.

2. Browse Streaming Video Collections 

Visit our Videos & Streaming Media Research guide and explore the tabs at the top of the page, including streaming video collections, open online video collections, and subject specific collections.

3. Browse Stream Video Available Outside the Auraria Library

In addition to using the streaming videos accessed through the Auraria Library, our librarians curated a list of publicly available video resources in our Open Online Video Collections. These streaming video providers might be more recognizable to your students with popular websites like YouTube, TED Talks, and Edutopia.

4. Create a Film Clip to Share with Your Students

Many video streaming services offer a clip-making function that allows you to share one or more film segments with your students, rather than the whole video. More info can be found here.

5. Ask Us for Help

Need help finding the streaming video you’re looking for? Maybe the Auraria Library doesn’t have access to it and you’d like to recommend we purchase access for you? Never hesitate to contact one of our librarians, either through our 24/7 Ask Us chat, or contact our Video Specialist Rick Simons directly at

To learn more about the Auraria Library’s