From CFD Director Ellen Stevens: Looking to the past; building a better future

November 17, 2010

We can’t forget and we shouldn’t. It’s been 30 years since the eruption of Mount Saint Helens and there’s still much we must learn in its wake; it’s been 100 years since water policy was implemented in Colorado and there’s a great deal to understand about its changing currents; and it’s been only a few weeks since national tragedies have shined the light on bullying against sexual minority youth.

The Center for Faculty Development with the support of the Office of Research Development and Education is funding research that is not only helping us to understand the past, it’s shaping the future and saving lives. We’re helping to determine better ways to fight infection often contracted in hospital settings, we’re building new leaders to charismatically lead our youth into the next generation and we’re helping those working with battered women better empathize, understand and assist their clients.

Those are simply a few of the projects we’ve helped fund.

That’s what the Center for Faculty Development has been about for the past six years and will continue to manifest and expand long into the future. The CFD is always exploring ways to support and guide faculty in their growth, whether it’s mentorships, workshops and seminars, one-on-one class assessments, or through collaborations with Academic Technology and Extended Learning such as the online Faculty Learning Community.

We won’t forget. We at the CFD are proud of our past and the history of the university, we’re passionate in the present ensuring faculty are exposed to the very best opportunities for their career growth and to the benefit of our students, and we’re ecstatic about our future through expanding our global reach and impact through the research we support.  

Thank you, as always, for your support of – and engagement with – the Center for Faculty Development.

 ~ Ellen Stevens
Founding director, Center for Faculty Development