From the Provost: Reimagining Graduate School Operations for CU Denver | Anschutz

From the Provost: Reimagining Graduate School Operations for CU Denver | Anschutz

February 17, 2022

Graduate education is a vital and longstanding component of the academic portfolio for CU Denver and CU Anschutz Medical Campus. It enriches our position as a research university that contributes to knowledge, discovery, workforce development, and the public good. To ensure we live up to those ideals, we must also optimize our organizational structure and processes to be more student-centric, more effective, and tailored to the unique needs of each campus. To that end, after much reflection, academic leaders at both institutions have decided to reimagine the operations of the dual campus Graduate School to better align recruiting, admissions, career development, and other areas to our individual campus’ operations and Strategic Plans. 

Head shot of Provost Constancio Nakuma
Provost Constancio Nakuma

Starting July 1, the Anschutz Medical Campus will continue to maintain its graduate studies support operations within the Graduate School, while CU Denver will embed current Graduate School services and operations within its Strategic Enrollment and Student Success division and other departments, including academic planning and marketing. On both campuses, we will retain personnel associated with the Graduate School, and will maintain and enhance the services currently offered by the school, which administers and serves master’s programs, doctoral programs, certificates, and non-degree courses. Grad School Dean David Engelke, who will serve in his same role for the Anschutz Medical Campus, will be a critical member of the transition effort as we develop operational and staffing transition plans over the next few months. At CU Denver, oversight for graduate education programming, program assessment and reviews, and accreditation support will reside within the Provost’s Office division for academic planning and institutional effectiveness. 

We appreciate that change is not always easy, and it will take some time for our community to appreciate this adjustment. That’s normal and OK. In the months ahead, we will provide further updates on the new structure.  

We commit to providing the most effective provision of service support and oversight for our graduate programs and to holding all graduate programs to the same level of quality and consistency. We must continue to market and recruit top-qualified students for high-demand programs that provide a diverse talent pipeline to support our state’s economic growth and our international research visibility goals.  

Constancio Nakuma 
Provost & Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs 
CU Denver