Gloor on Social Networking

Professor emphasizes the value of staying connected

October 14, 2010

Networking tactics such as “working a room” or filing contacts in a rolodex have fallen away with the creation of electronic social media outlets. Networking sites including Facebook and LinkedIn have become the valuable tools for students and professionals to connect and build professional networks.

Storm Gloor, assistant professor, College of Arts & Media, Music & Entertainment Industry Studies, led a discussion of the changes and influences technology is having on the way connections are made in the digital age.

According to Gloor, networking continues to be one of the most valuable career tools. “You should always be networking. Even when you have a job that you love, keep looking for other jobs. The best time to network is when you don’t need to,” Gloor said.

“Networking is marketing” Gloor told students. He explained that through the various social media sites, it is important to create a name and a brand for yourself so that you can stand out. It seems that more and more employers are looking at Facebook and LinkedIn when looking for potential employees, and not just at resumes.

It is important to be aware of what your online profile is saying about you Gloor emphasized. “Google yourself, take a look at your online mirror,” Gloor said, “and manage and control the areas you can. Think of it as elevator talk. If you had ten seconds in the elevator with a top executive at your dream job, what would you say? Put that on your profile.”

Gloor shared eight steps for managing an online profile, including the importance of having a plan or goal, surveying the field and utilizing resources such as, and continually setting up, updating and cleaning up your profile page.