Got Skills? Share Them Through Lynx Lessons

Got Skills? Share Them Through Lynx Lessons

November 14, 2022

Do you have expertise or experience you can share—on any topic—in a seminar or workshop setting? Maybe you’re a faculty member with insights on how 3D printing can aid our lives and work. Or a staff member who could advise colleagues on topics ranging from resilience, to community-building, to healthy cooking. 

If so, Lynx Lessons wants you.  

A new CU Denver Learning & Development Team initiative, Lynx Lessons aims to crowdsource diverse faculty and staff talents—whether expressed within a classroom or formal teaching setting, or beyond, program manager Megan Backstrom said. 

If you’re willing to share your expertise with the CU Denver community (no teaching or facilitating experience necessary), you can get started by completing this Lynx Lessons signup form.  

Backstrom will use submissions to establish a database of topics and people willing to facilitate a training or workshop on the specified topic. Once Lynx Lessons topics and availabilities are collected, the Learning & Development Team will determine how best to circulate this information around the CU Denver community.  

“People will be able to reach out to us from around campus and say, ‘Hey: I’m looking for a program that covers this topic area. Do you have anyone who can deliver a workshop on this?’” Backstrom said, adding that colleagues will be able to call on Lynx Lessons expertise for team-building, individual development, informal knowledge-building, or fun. 

Lynx Lessons is one of several new programs that will align with CU Denver strategic goals including being an Equity-Serving Institution, a University for Life, and a Best Place to Work, as well as HR goals of workplace engagement to create a culture of belonging and inclusion.   

Reach out to the Learning & Development Team with any questions about Lynx Lessons, or with requests for topics you or your unit would like to see a session on.