Graduate School Reorganization Leads to Higher Level of Service to Graduate Programs

Graduate School Reorganization Leads to Higher Level of Service to Graduate Programs

May 3, 2022

Dear CU Denver students, faculty, and staff:

In February, we announced a reorganization of the Graduate School that we envision will lead to more effective administrative services by embedding service functions within our existing administrative structures and other service departments across CU Denver. Unfortunately, this has led to some confusion about the future of graduate programs and rumors about whether such programs would continue. 

Let me be clear: All graduate programs will continue at CU Denver. 

In fact, they will thrive. What’s changing are the reporting lines for six support staff who will now work under the umbrella of the Provost’s Office or Strategic Enrollment and Student Success. That’s it. We retained all Graduate School functions and positions, and we look forward to providing a higher level of service to ALL our graduate programs and grad students. 

The Graduate School was established as a joint administrative service unit to support graduate education at CU Denver and the CU Anschutz Medical Campus. For various historical reasons, however, the reach of services provided by the Graduate School did not cover all CU Denver graduate programs. We believe it’s important that ALL graduate programs are served. Meanwhile, the Anschutz Medical Campus has decided to keep a centralized Graduate School. 

Head shot of Provost Constancio Nakuma
Provost Constancio Nakuma

The decision to be self-reliant will position CU Denver for smart growth and stronger support for graduate education. Starting on July 1, CU Denver will be promoting, recruiting for, and supporting ALL its graduate programs and students directly. The plan going forward is to increase our investment in it by focusing on keeping the overall cost to the student as low as possible, and improving administrative support services to ALL graduate programs. 

New investments being planned to make graduate education more affordable include a tuition remission program for qualifying doctoral students starting in 2023 and increased graduate student stipends. These investments will be phased in gradually and increase over time. Investments will also bring improvements in administrative support services to graduate programs through a team-based service alignment approach to recruiting, admissions, financial aid, etc., between colleges/schools and the CU Denver’s Strategic Enrollment and Student Success division.

We have big plans for graduate education here. The state’s workforce, and indeed the global workforce, has a growing need for well-educated employees with advanced degrees. And we want to do all we can to help graduate students flourish while at CU Denver and beyond. We will keep you posted over the summer on transition plans and how to have continued access to graduate program services. Thank you.


Constancio Nakuma
Provost & Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs