dogs in halloween costumes collage

Halloween Dog Photo Contest—Winners!

November 1, 2019

We had so many fantastic entries, ranging from spooky to cutesy. Some dogs had a great story, especially the mixed breeds who hail from shelters. Other dogs live with some incredibly talented people with an eye for photography. The University Communications office had a hard time choosing—but it was frightfully fun!

three-legged dog in pirate costume

1. Buddy the Pirate

“Buddy is a 6-year-old tri-pawed rescue from Foothills Animal Shelter. He was a very terrified big boy for a long time, but lots and LOTS of love brought him out of his shell. He loves hopping around the block, barking at his mom, treats, and kisses.” Submitted by Amanda Slavik, who says Buddy really needed a win. She is a Lynx friend who heard about the contest from Buddy’s god/dog-mother Ashley LaBelle, a proud CU Denver alum. Amanda says Buddy expects to be a brother in 2020, “since he has made gigantic progress learning how to be a dog again.”

mini bulldog in bride costume

2. Sherman the Bride

“Sherman is an eight-year-old ‘mini’-bulldog, although he weighs 43 lbs. He always seems disappointed in us, and life in general. His greatest quality is to make people laugh. Many people want a photo of him when we’re on a walk around town. But he lives to photo-bomb wedding pics, so we thought it fair to put him in a Lonely Bride’s costume.” Submitted by Lindy Hensley, who works in CU Denver’s Writing Center, where she likes to help other writers organize their thoughts on paper. She came to Denver from Minnesota, along with Sherman, AKA The Special Snowflake.

Xolo dog in bat wing costume

3. Diablo the Winged Wonder

“This is Diablo showing off his new set of wings. It took me a while to coax him down from the tree tops. He’s an eight-month-old Xoloitzcuintli puppy. Instagram username: Diablo_Doggo.” Submitted by Brandy Cox, who was prodded to enter the contest by a friend who works at CU Denver. Diablo is a Xolo for short (pronounced show-low), an ancient breed originally created by the Aztecs as spirit guides for the afterlife. Brandy explained the complex process for getting Diablo into his custom-made costume: “I made him wings this year because he looks like a big flying fox bat. Because the wings are so large, he worked for over a month getting used to the saddle with fur, then wire frame, and then the wings.” 

collage of dogs in Halloween costumes
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