How-to Halloween with COVID-19: Make a DIY Candy Chute

October 8, 2020

There hasn’t been much discussion of the state’s guidance for safe trick-or-treating, even though Colorado’s official coronavirus website was updated on Oct. 1, 2020 with Halloween Tips and Tricks. One of the things the website recommends is “handing out” candy while maintaining a social distance of at least six feet. “Use a plastic slide, cardboard tubes, or plastic pipes to deliver candy from a distance,” the website recommends. But how?

If you want to make a candy chute, have no fear! We’ve collected some DIY instructions right here. And should you manage to build a candy corn cable or Tootsie Roll tube, send us photos of your creation—whether it’s ghoulish, ghostly, or ghastly. Email or post on social media with #CUDenverHalloween2020.

Haunted Handrail

This simple candy chute gets attached to an existing handrail—great for anyone who lives somewhere with steps.

Pumpkin Pipe

This design features a pumpkin-faced dispenser and lights.

Foggy Funnel

This extra spooky creation includes fog.