Person holding cleaning spray

How to Spring Clean—College Mode

April 28, 2022

This story was written by University Communications’ student content writer, Diddiery Santana

As we welcome sunny skies, warm temperatures, and blooming flowers, now is the ideal time to get started on spring cleaning.  Spring cleaning is more than just donating old clothes and decluttering a bedroom. It’s an opportunity to regain clarity, reclaim control, and end the semester strong. Feeling organized in your space and mind can help you reach your goals and prepare for the next season. If you need some ideas, below are a few tips to get started. 

Emotional Detox  

Day by day, we are confronted with many challenging obstacles. An emotional detox doesn’t mean overcoming emotions that are considered “negative,” but instead aims at helping you realign and find balance in your emotions. 

Mind declutter: To mentally declutter, one should physically declutter their environment. It’s important to have a sacred place to disconnect from the outside world. This allows you to gather your thoughts and reflect. A few ways to mentally declutter can be journaling and meditation. 

Focus on things you can control: Throughout our lifetimes, we experience moments when we feel like some things are out of our control. An emotional and mental cleanse can help you get back on track. Cleansing your mind is about finding balance and recognizing and accepting the good and not-so-good in life. 

Home Cleanse  

There’s no easier way to tackle spring cleaning than to dive head in. Split the spaces of your apartment, dorm, or room into sections. Whether it’s a deep clean or just a quick run through of each section, you will feel like you accomplished something.   

Go by section: Although this one might be obvious, it’s the one tip we tend to overlook. Pull everything out from underneath the bed and then categorize it. We all have the “under the bed” region or “that chair” that resembles a mountain of clothes, assignments, and other items.  

Recycle: Pull out all your closet items and see what you actually use and what items can be donated, thrifted, or thrown out.  

Revamp: To draw spring cleaning to a close, put a little life back into your space. Purchase a bouquet of flowers for the living room, a new picture for your wall, or new bedding for spring and summer.  

School Cleanse  

We have officially reached the last few weeks of the semester. Students are finding themselves relying on caffeine, sugar, and no sleep. Before finals begin, it’s important to take time to prepare for success.  

Use a planner: At this point in the semester, some of our brains may resemble a cluttered office space. If you haven’t already, dust off your planner or open your phone’s calendar app and start plugging in all important dates, such as finals, presentations, and study sessions.  

Go through the piles of paperwork: Imagine going through your current notes and finding ones from last semester. There’s nothing worse than having piles of projects, paperwork, or those old notes cluttering your space. It’s time to recycle what’s no longer needed.  

Do a digital cleaning: We usually start the semester with a folder or two on our desktop, and end with a million projects, notes, presentations, and more. Take some time to label folders, move items to the recycle bin, and complete any recommended updates for your software.