How to Write an Email

How To Write an Email to a Professor

February 8, 2021

Written by student Justin Shrader, a peer mentor in CU Denver’s TRIO Student Support Services (TRIO SSS). TRIO SSS helps first-generation students, low-income students, and students with disabilities reach their full potential and achieve academic success. 

I remember sitting in an office at Front Range Community College, before I transferred to CU Denver, listening to professors vent about emails they had received from students. All of these statements were said with frustration and disbelief: 

“There was no subject line, so it went to spam. I had to search for it.”  

“They called me Mrs., but I’m not married.”  

“What class is this student in?”  

Last month I sent and received 130 emails from professors, the university, and coworkers through my university email alone. In the online or hybrid settings that many of us find ourselves in, we send countless more emails than we did a year ago. They have quickly become the primary way we communicate. To help other students, I provide tips on how to create a professional email. 

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