Assia Crawford doing a presentation

Hub for Biotechnology in the Built Environment Architect, Assia Crawford, Joins CAP’s Department of Architecture

August 18, 2021

Assia Crawford will be joining the College of Architecture and Planning (CAP) in January 2022 as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Architecture.  

Assia is working towards her PhD in Architecture, Planning and Landscape from Newcastle University. Her work focuses on the development of biological material alternatives and their integration into the urban realm. Assia earned a BSc in Architectural Studies from Cardiff University, a RIBA Part 1 Certificate from the University College London, and an M.Arch and RIBA Part 3 from Newcastle University. She is an ARB registered architect in the UK.  

During her time at Newcastle University, Assia has been a contributing member of the Hub for Biotechnology in the Built Environment (HBBE), an £8 million project for the development of living technology in architecture.  In addition to her research, she is also the Architect for the HBBE and a Resident Artist at the Wellcome Centre for Mitochondrial Research.   

Many thanks to the search committee for their terrific work: Amir Ameri (co-chair), Kat Vlahos (co-chair), Brian Dale, Kai Eldredge, Kevin Hirth, Keith Loftin, Matt Shea, Rick Sommerfeld, Steve Turner, Mira Woodson, Travis Vermilye, and Moatassem Abdallah.