Lynx Together

Info Session Answers Employee Questions About June Return to Campus

April 29, 2021

With the promise of a return to on-campus operations in the months ahead, many university employees want to know how this transition will impact their daily routines. To answer their questions, a panel of Lynx Together task force members recently led an information session and directly addressed employee concerns. If you were unable to attend, a full recording of the session is available below. 

Soft Return

Beginning in June, staff members who have been working remotely for more than a year will resume being on campus, in limited levels to start. However, it is up to each business unit and school or college to determine what in-person schedules and arrangements will meet business needs, in compliance with relaxing public health mandates. Faculty, too, are welcome to restart on-campus research and work activities during summer, though most are under nine-month contracts. 

If you have questions about what June’s soft return means for your work or your team, talk to your supervisor. By starting these conversations early, everyone can take action now to be well-prepared to serve students in the fall. 

Ramping Up Toward Fall

Among most students, there is a strong preference for in-person learning. Resuming on-campus operations is a matter of equity, too, and it is critical to CU Denver’s mission that all students have fair access to the educational opportunities afforded by in-person learning. The Lynx Together task force is working to develop and update guidelines so the campus can safely be open to everyone. Safety remains of the utmost importance as we work to define this fall’s “next normal.” 

Important Questions

There is much that may change between now and August, and it should be expected that campus guidance will continue to be updated in response to current conditions. For example, many employees are curious about the requirements of masks and social distancing in the workplace. Face coverings are likely to remain a feature of public life for the foreseeable future, and CU may institute greater precautionary measures than the city or state. 

Here a just a few of the questions answered during the information session:

Why return in June?

Returning in June allows more than two months for all employees to adjust to shifting routines and to participate in defining what the “next normal” will look like for CU Denver during the fall semester. 

Will there be daily health screenings? 

In compliance with a local health mandate, everyone will be required to complete the daily health check-in form on their own. There will not be health check-in stations. 

How will parking work? 

Free parking in the CU Denver Building and the Business School Building will be offered on a first-come, first-serve basis for the months of June and July. For access with your CU Denver ID badge, call Facilities Dispatch at 303-315-7777 or email Regular paid parking policies will resume in August. 

To find out more, watch the recording, or visit Lynx Together for the latest updates on planning for the fall 2021 and the return to on-campus operations.