Child with Milo the Lynx doll

Is Take Our Children to Work Day the cutest day of the year?

May 1, 2019

Kids and grown-ups alike enjoyed the second annual university Take Our Children to Work Day on April 25. Fifty-three children ages 6 to 17 signed up to experience a morning of activities, guest appearances and food in the Lola & Rob Salazar Student Wellness Center and the Tivoli Student Union.

In addition to a T-shirt and university goodies, kids went home with memories of hands-on STEM programs, art activities, an introduction to Inworks and a special session called “Fun in the CU Denver Workplace.” They also got to try indoor rock climbing and yoga.

Staff, Milo the Lynx, and parents with their children smile for the camera.
Milo the Lynx with a kid.
Milo the Lynx made a guest appearance at the annual Take Our Children to Work Day on April 25.
Provost Rod Nairn and little kid talking in the gymnasium.
Provost Rod Nairn and other university administrators and leaders participated in a roving Bingo mingle game, in which kids asked them questions about their jobs at the university.
Two girls with CU Denver lanyards smile for the camera.
Child and instructor at a table wearing blue gloves to touch starfish.
Children are seated on the floor with yoga mats as they look at the instructor.
Group of children stand in front of the rock climbing wall each wearing matching CU Denver Lynx drawstring bags.
Children got a chance to climb the rock wall in the Lola & Rob Salazar Student Wellness Center, which overlooks the city. 
Girl climbs up the rock climbing wall and excitedly looks down.
Boy plays with sand and colander while sitting at a table with other kids.
Boy looks at rocks on paper plate through a magnifying glass.
Two girls smile at the camera while sitting on the bleachers of the gymnasium.