Aloe the husky puppy

It’s Snowing Cats & Dogs

March 23, 2021

Tuesday, March 23 is National Puppy Day, and Sunday, March 28 is National Respect Your Cat Day (a very feline fete, admittedly). In honor of these happy holidays, we thought we’d highlight some popular pets in Denver.

Aloe the Siberian Husky

Mischievous, Affectionate, and Strong-Willed

“Aloe has been loving all the snow we’ve been getting here lately! She also has a plush bunny she sleeps with every night. You’ll certainly catch her on some hiking trails this summer!”

See Aloe and her brother Indigo on Instagram: huskyindigo_

Birdie Lou the Harlequin Great Dane

Adorable, Happy, Grand

great dane puppy
Look for Birdie Lou and her friends on Instagram: deardanes

Sylvester the Foster Cat

Confident, Curious, Charming

black and white cat
Visit cats and see adoptable felines on Instagram: denvercatco

Jet the Auraria Campus K9

Energetic, Nosy, Squirrel-Obsessed

yellow dog
Sniff out Jett, the working dog trained to detect explosives, on Instagram: aurariak9

Laszlo the Vampire Corgi

Jaunty, Mysterious, Foodie

corgi in snow
Beware of this spooky corgi on Instagram: laszlothevampirecorgi

Lola the Goldendoodle

Loving, Snuggler, Playful

“I would say I am very gentle and affectionate. I love all the attention I can get. I have a very easy going temperament and LOVE little kids.”

goldendoodle dog
Check out Lola on Instagram: misslolathegoldendoodle

Midway the Manx

Playful, Resilient, Adorable

Find Midway, foster kittens, and more on Instagram: denverkittens

Ripple the Border Collie Mix

Spunky, Energetic, Loving

Aussie dog
Ripple and her siblings can be seen on Instagram: rileyandrosiegohiking

If you are a Lynx with a dog or cat social media account, please let us know. Email or post on social media with #CUDenverPet.