CU Denver singing group Lark

Lark enthralls Asian audiences, wins another prize

Premier student vocal group breaks through internationally on recent trip

September 13, 2017

Lark, CU Denver’s premier vocal ensemble, broke through in a big international way this summer. How big? Well, the group was showered with confetti in the Seoul airport after claiming yet another singing competition.

The all-female student group performed across Asia in August, adding another title to its growing list of accomplishments. Soon after forming in 2014, Lark began winning national competitions. In fact, Lark was the first collegiate group to headline two national a cappella festivals, which are typically reserved for professional groups. The group is led by Erin Hackel, DMA, an assistant professor in Music & Entertainment Industry Studies in the College of Arts & Media.

“Experiences like this are few and far between,” said Hackel. “It’s so meaningful for not only the singers, but the people we encountered along the way.”

Lark in Asia

Recently, Lark delivered a remarkable performance at VoiceJam Festival in Arkansas where they won the opportunity to headline the Vocal Asia festival in Hong Kong. Excited by its first chance to perform internationally, the group planned nine days of sightseeing and performing.

Lark performs in South Korea
Lark performs at the Incheon International A Cappella competition in Seoul, South Korea.

“We had the greatest time traveling as a group and immersing ourselves in an entirely different culture,” said Lindsay Lynette, a member of Lark. “We ate so much ramen, shopped at all kinds of markets, and hiked to a giant Buddha statue that overlooks the city. It was an incredible, once-in-a-lifetime experience.”

South Korean success

Before visiting Hong Kong, the group stopped in Seoul, South Korea, to sing in the Incheon International A Cappella competition held in the city’s airport. The competition included groups from Japan, the Philippines, South Korea and China. Not only did Lark take first place, the group also claimed best composition and arrangements.

“We met so many talented and charismatic people. We were so grateful to win the South Korean competition,” said Lynette. “When we won, they shot off these huge cannons that were filled with confetti! It’s truly a moment I will never forget.”

The trip to Asia was a final chapter for many members of Lark. This semester the team will return three members and welcome four-brand new members.

“It was such a fun and successful season for our team,” Lynette said. “We’re proud of our past accomplishments, and we can’t wait to welcome our new members into this crazy world of a cappella that we love so much!”