Meet Our Lynx-in-Love Couples

Meet Our Lynx-in-Love Couples

February 11, 2020

Is it possible to find love at CU Denver? The answer, we discovered, is yes. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we sent a request to the campus community asking for couples who either met or dated while attending CU Denver to share their stories. We heard from seven partners who expressed interest in participating, and although their stories vary in context and timing, one component remains consistent: CU Denver fostered a safe space for two people to connect, to grow, and to fall in love. Find out what love means to each couple in the video below, and read on to learn about their unique romantic journeys.

Video by Grant Craver, social media coordinator.

Bob and Lisa Abeyta

Engaged on the Steps of Auraria Library

Years Together: 27

Bob and Lisa first laid eyes on each other in 1993 on the steps of the Auraria Library. They were both graduate students in the Business School and happened to be part of the same study group. Lisa’s emphasis was marketing; Bob’s was finance. In 1995, they found themselves on the same steps, but this time for a proposal. Lisa said yes and they walked to class together. Today the Abeytas have two children: a son in the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) at the Colorado School of Mines and a daughter who is a first-year student at Arizona State University. CU Denver is integral to their story because it’s the origin of their romance.

Ashton August and Tyler Strauss

Passing Notes in Class

Years Together: 9

On their first day of class in 2011, Tyler stole Ashton’s heart by tapping on her shoulder and handing her a note. They both studied communications in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Today the two own a business called, a yoga and wellness online publication, and are set to wed this June. In their free time, they enjoy “van life-ing” in their Sprinter van. Their time at CU Denver is the foundation of their relationship, as a couple and as successful business partners.

Alyssa and Matt Diaz

Proposed at CU Denver Graduation Party

Years Together: 15

These lovebirds first met when they were 14 years old, in history class at Denver North High School. Matt got in trouble and had to move seats across the room, conveniently next to Alyssa. The two used to pass notes back and forth. After graduating high school together, they both picked CU Denver, where Matt studied business in the Business School and Alyssa studied communications in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Matt proposed at his CU Denver graduation party and the two wed the following year. CU Denver is important to their story because it allowed them to stay together and support one another through college.

Rosanne and Robert Fulton

From Education Students to University Professors

Years Together: 30

Rosanne was absent from her first Philosophy of Education class in the North Classroom building, so the next class she asked fellow student Robert to tell her everything she missed. She was talkative and outgoing; he was studious and reserved. They ended up joining the same study group, and soon after, he asked her on a date. They fell in love over the summer and tied the knot the following year. Today, the two teach education courses, and Robert even teaches the same class they met in 30 years ago.

Ian and Lauryn Kellett

Their Love Is a Major Production

Years Together: 12

When they were in high school, Ian, a student at the time, was helping teach a production class on how to frame a person in a camera shot—and Lauryn was picked to be the subject. Their mutual love for media led them to CU Denver, where they both studied theater and television production in the College of Arts and Media. They got married in 2017 and now own a video production company called Liquid Luck Productions. CU Denver is where they really started to learn how to work together.

Don and Sue-Lin Toussaint

Campus Computer Connection

Years Together: 23

Don and Sue-Lin first met on a double date in Denver. They developed a strong friendship and stayed in touch while Don studied technical writing at CU Denver and Sue-Lin pursued a career in New York City. Over time, their relationship turned romantic and the two got engaged in 1998. They settled in Denver, where Sue-Lin taught at East High School and years later received her doctorate in education from CU Denver. Don went to law school and became a city attorney. Together, they have two children. CU Denver is important to their story because campus resources allowed them to stay connected over the computer.

Donalyn White and Griffin Scherma

Lunch Date Gets Political

Years Together: 8

These two happened to attend the same midnight picnic at the Cheeseman Park Amphitheater, organized by a group of mutual friends. Griffin sparked a conversation by asking Donalyn about her Star Wars tattoo, and they found out they both went to CU Denver. Griffin was a biology major with an ethics minor; Donalyn was an English literature major with a political science minor. They had their first lunch date on campus and the rest is history. After graduating, they both went back to CU Denver for their masters in political science. Now they work at the same family consulting company.