Milo with Lynx Statue

The BIG Campus Selfie Spot

December 20, 2021

In 2012, most well-established dictionaries included the word selfie. Today, CU Denver proposes a new place to take a selfie on campus, beside the larger-than-life bronze statue of CU Denver’s mascot Milo the Canadian lynx. The Lynx is located in the courtyard between Student Commons and the Lola & Rob Salazar Student Wellness Center, across 12th Street from City Heights Residence Hall and Learning Commons.

Instagram Credit: @treasureboxtours

At more than 8 feet tall, the Lynx statue makes a big impact. The proud lynx was created by Loveland-based artist Dan Ostermiller, a nationally recognized bronze sculptor who is known by many for his work Scottish Angus Cow and Calf on display outside of the Denver Art Museum.