Meet Kenneth English: CU Denver’s New Program Director for Black Student Services

February 22, 2024

Kenneth English is used to forging his own path. As a first-generation student, English learned how to navigate the sometimes-cumbersome education system to apply and get accepted to college. And then he took classes, and more classes, and figured out how to pay for this investment in his future. It wasn’t easy—but he had mentors along the way that helped him. 

“I had this moment [as an adult], when I realized I could be that person for others,” said English, who joined CU Denver’s Office for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion as program director for Black Student Services (BSS) in December 2023. “While no two experiences are identical, there is a possibility of similar experiences.  Thus, my experience as a first-generation student always helps me to engage with a student with a certain amount of empathy and respect.” 

English grew up in Denver and attended CU Boulder, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in sociology before attending University of Nevada Las Vegas, where he earned a master’s degree in Higher Education Leadership.  

Throughout his career, English has focused on helping students most in need of support from international students and first-generation to nontraditional and students of color. “I’m very excited to be leading Black Student Services,” he said. “I’ll be working with students and colleagues across campus to help enhance programming available to support our students’ academic success.” 

English is working with others at the Center for Identity and Inclusion, and across campus, to organize opportunities for students to: 

  • network with professionals, 
  • get tips for academic success, and 
  • hear practical techniques for landing internships and jobs. 

English’s goal is to provide other opportunities to create community and a safe place for students where they feel welcomed and supported. 

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