milo the mascot

Milo the Lynx on Snow, City Lights, and Awesome Students!

Updated on:
February 8, 2021

Milo, CU Denver’s mascot, is a Canada lynx who moved from the Rocky Mountains to downtown Denver, following the call of the city. On Feb. 7, Milo turned 8 years old. In honor of Milo’s birthday, we are helping him celebrate by sharing five of his favorite things.  

Milo playing in snow

1. Snow

Milo is a Canada lynx, so he associates snow with his birthplace. As a kitten, he explored the Rocky Mountains far and wide, traversing high peaks and wintry valleys. When he sees snow glittering in sunlight, this wild cat can’t resist getting his paws wet in a good old-fashioned snowball fight.

Milo at Denver City and County Building

2. City Lights

It was the lights that lured Milo to Denver in the first place, which is why the holidays are his favorite time of year. He likes to take in the colors of the Denver City and County Building, with its palette of bold blues and radiant reds. Interestingly, the root word for Lynx means light.

3. Dancing

This cool cat has some groovy dance moves. A well-rounded creature, Milo enjoys all types of dance, from classical ballet to hip hop. He likes to put on his dancing shoes (metaphorically—he literally can’t seem to find a pair that fits) and boogie. Catch him dancing his heart out at the Lola & Rob Salazar Student Wellness Center, which he calls home, on campus, or in the streets. 

Milo with students

4. Students

Milo loves students. In fact, a student gave him his name: Mi for Mile High and Lo for Lower Downtown. He enjoys spending time with all types of students (even dog people)! CU Denver students are smart and determined. After all, they choose to learn in the heart of the city, Milo’s favorite place

5. The Milo Mile! 

Every year, Milo celebrates his birthday with the entire CU Denver community by running the Milo Mile. This year, join Milo and his friends by competing in a week-long virtual fitness challenge. The festivities will kick-off on Monday, Feb. 15 and conclude Friday, Feb. 19 with a virtual birthday party. By registering for the event, you’ll receive a t-shirt and party supplies.