More Than a Gathering: The Reunion at Ninth Street 

More Than a Gathering: The Reunion at Ninth Street 

June 25, 2024

It has been more than 50 years since Aurarian residents were displaced in the 1970s to create the Auraria Higher Education Center. Most of the neighborhood has been entirely transformed, but the Ninth Street Historic Park remains a vibrant reminder of the generations of history that are steeped in this place. On June 1, more than 100 people gathered in the shade provided by the trees—who’ve stood witness to the passing of time—to celebrate their history and futures.  

On this day, the former Aurarian residents, their descendants, members of the CU Denver community, and others gathered for “The Reunion,” a special luncheon to celebrate the renovation work at the Centennial House, St. Cajetan’s 100th anniversary, the three-year anniversary of the expansion of the Displaced Aurarian Scholarship, and more. CU Regent and CU Denver Chief of External Initiatives Nolbert Chavez continues to lead and champion this important work.

That includes the restoration of the Centennial House, which creates a campus place where healing, learning, creativity, and innovation meet. At the event, people had a chance to see, firsthand, a new mural by Carlos Fresquez that captures the scene of a wedding party leaving St. Cajetan’s and strolling along Ninth Street. The dynamic and emotional painting creates a visual backdrop, rooted in a home with a century worth of stories, that speaks to the energy and vibrancy of Auraria.  

The event brought together many people, including a family with three siblings—descendants of Phil and Petra Torres—who’ve utilized the Displaced Aurarian Scholarship to reach their academic goals at CU Denver. Alyssa Lobato, Jacob Lobato, and Katelyn Puga gathered to speak about their family, legacy, and how they are creating an intentional future. “We have the opportunity to carry on the legacy of all of our ancestors and those that used to live right here on the street,” Jacob said.  

Learn more about their journeys:  

The expanded Displaced Aurarian Scholarship continues to create learning opportunities for current and future generations of Aurarians, which has the potential to transform their lives and the communities they live in. Click here to learn more

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