New on campus: LynxConnect offers resources, services for career readiness

October 4, 2019

After nearly two years of design and construction, the LynxConnect, a one-stop shop for career readiness, will officially open its doors on Oct. 10. The 15,000-square-foot visionary space offers resources and individualized support surrounding opportunities outside of the classroom.

In one convenient location across from the outdoor entrance to iPIE at the Tivoli Student Union, four powerful services join forces: CU Denver’s Career Center, the Experiential Learning Center (ELC), Global Education: Study Abroad, and Undergraduate Research. These offices have been around for many years, helping students find meaningful opportunities beyond the classroom. What’s exciting, and unique to most college campuses, is that now they’ll all be in one location.

“This is tremendous,” said Tony Smith, director of the ELC. “The idea of LynxConnect is truly to connect people.”

Together the four offices offer: 

  • Career exploration, planning 
  • Internship experiences and professional connections
  • Research and creative opportunities
  • Study abroad options and support
  • Job search, resume building, interview training

LynxConnect lives in a newly renovated space in the Tivoli Student Union, above the Comcast Media & Technology Center. Once a theater, the welcoming space offers amphitheater seating, modern furniture, glass offices and conference rooms, comfortable seating areas, high ceilings, natural lighting, and unobstructed views of the downtown Denver skyline. Something to keep in mind: The entrance of LynxConnect is tucked in a courtyard on the south side of the Tivoli, which means you have to walk outside to get to it. 

The LynxConnect
LynxConnect lives in a newly renovated, 15,000-square-foot space.

A seamless experience

At LynxConnect, students will be greeted by one or more of seven peer advisors, such as Kaylyn Blair, a second-year graduate student working toward her master’s in Spanish. For the past year she has worked as a career advisor in the Career Center, offering resume help, interview tips and more. LynxConnect, she said, is going to be a hub for student interactions, networking and collaboration. 

“We really want to be that first point of contact to make students feel comfortable and to try to connect them with resources as quickly and accurately as possible,” she said of her fellow peer advisors. “It’s important for students to know that it’s never too early, and you never know what’s available until you ask.”

The peer advisors will determine students’ needs and direct them to the correct point of contact, whether that be a faculty mentor, career coach or counselor, study abroad advisor, or global education expert.

The experience: seamless. The end goal: a rewarding career. 

“This is the place to go to figure out your career plan and experiences that you can have outside of the classroom that make you marketable to employers,” said Sarah Trzeciak, MS, senior director of the Career Center, which she describes as the beginning and end point for students. “We are going to be the place in Lynxconnect where you go to figure out what your plan is—what it is you want to do when you graduate and how you use your degree.”

The LynxConnect
The LynxConnect has offices for private meetings, as well as open seating areas to promote collaboration.

Hear from the people behind LynxConnect:

“Students want to know about the return on investment for their tuition and their future student loan debt – and LynxConnect gives a realistic answer to that question. The activities that you engage in here, along with your education, make you more marketable to employers.” – Sarah Trzeciak, senior director of the Career Center

“Students may not be aware of all the services and resources available to them and how they can impact their future career. LynxConnect ties all those resources together.” – Lindsey Hamilton, director of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities

“Connecting global education to career development through LynxConnect will amplify the impact of study abroad and other international experiences and help launch students on their chosen path.” – Alana C. Jones, executive director for the Office of International Affairs

“Your education is about academics and so much more. To be successful in today’s competitive society, you need meaningful experiential learning outside the classroom. Come to LynxConnect for an individualized experience that helps you get the most out of your college experience.” – Tony Smith, director of the ELC

Open office and mezzanine
The LynxConnect is a one-stop shop for resources and individualized support surrounding opportunities and experiences outside of the classroom.