NFL exec named 'Champion of Change'

Center on Domestic Violence honors Troy Vincent with inaugural award

October 27, 2016

The University of Colorado Denver’s Center on Domestic Violence will honor Troy Vincent, executive vice president of Football Operations in the National Football League, with its inaugural Champions of Change award.

Based in the School of Public Affairs, the CU Denver Center on Domestic Violence works to end domestic and sexual violence by fostering institutional and social change through leadership development, education, research and community collaboration. With the Champions of Change award, it wants to honor and draw attention to individuals who have contributed significantly to the effective intervention and prevention of gender-based violence.

NFL VP of Operations Troy Vincent
NFL VP of Operations Troy Vincent

Vincent was selected for this prestigious award for his work over the past 20 years educating and engaging men in the fight to end gender-based violence. Within his role at the NFL and in his personal life, he has been a tireless advocate and leader setting the tone and establishing a standard for men’s response to violence against women.

“The true champions are those who have taken it upon themselves to not stand by, but to make a difference toward ending domestic and sexual violence,” said Vincent. “Every person who cares, who supports a survivor, or the family of a survivor, who lends a helping hand or says a kind and encouraging word, is a champion of change.”

Vincent attributes his passion for influencing positive change and educating others about violence prevention to his mother who is a survivor of domestic abuse.

“A critical component of the Center’s mission is to change the aspects of our culture that condone or advance gender based violence,” said Barbara Paradiso, director of the program.  “With leaders like Troy, the NFL has the power to set new norms and effect cultural change around women and violence.”

Since 2008, the Center on Domestic Violence has worked in public schools to build their capacity to respond to students who have experienced domestic and sexual violence. It also establishes learning environments that promote prevention.

According to Paradiso, a central part of prevention is providing young people examples of those they admire who have taken a stand against violence.  Vincent is one of those people and serves as an example to youth and to men.

Vincent will be honored at a banquet at Maggiano’s Little Italy Denver benefiting the Center for Domestic Violence at CU Denver.