Oh, Gourdness! Time for Midterms

October 21, 2021

In the blink of an eye, we went from welcome-back events to cramming for midterms. Don’t leave studying to the last minute and remember to prioritize your health and wellbeing. Although every student may have different ways of studying, here are some simple tips that can be helpful. 

Study Habits 

Minimize Distractions: The environment in which you study plays an important role in the retention of material. Do you need it to be completely silent? Do you like natural lighting? Is your roommate going to interrupt you a million times? Make sure to eliminate every distraction that can happen. 

Take Breaks Regularly and Reward Yourself: Use a system that contains a variety of rewards to keep you motivated. Breaks are essential to process the material you are learning. Even if you believe you are in the zone, switching it up can help you remember specific details. 

Create a Midterm Calendar: Is cramming a myth? At least once in our academic career we have pulled an all-nighter, and they do not work. Instead of leaving it to the last minute, bring out a blank calendar with large boxes to create a midterm calendar. At the top, list all the midterms for your classes. This will allow you to recognize which midterms are first and require more time. 

Understand the Different Learning Styles: It is important to recognize your specific learning style, which can differ from class to class. The techniques used for a math class will not be the same that are used for a philosophy class. 

School Resources 

Counseling: Mental health plays a huge role in the success of midterms. Instead of internally processing stress, reach out to the many resources available for students right here on campus. This semester, the Counseling Center offers both in-person and telehealth help at no cost for all fee-paying students. They offer crisis sessions to address acute mental health crises and individual therapy sessions. The Health Center at Auraria and the Phoenix Center at Auraria (which offers support for interpersonal violence) are also available to students. 

Learning Resources

Disability Resources and Services: Students with disabilities are encouraged to seek and use accommodations for their courses. Our institution of higher education does not to discriminate against persons with disabilities in any circumstance. Disability Resources & Services helps students identify solutions for any obstacles they may come across throughout their academic career. 

Writing Center: Located in the new City Heights Learning Commons, the Writing Center offers in-person resources. They help with the beginning, middle, and end of the writing process. 

Learning Resource Center: The Learning Resources Center offers weekly Q&A sessions for students to quickly get answers. You can stay the whole session or pop in only for your question. Supplemental Instruction (SI) is also offered for traditionally difficult courses like biology, chemistry, and physics. 

Break Spots  

Denver is known to be one of the best cities for coffee lovers. The fall air is becoming crisp, and a cup of joe is always a promising idea.  During one of your breaks, take a walk and enjoy some of these spots close to campus.

Kaffe Landskap has two locations. The closest one to campus is located on Lawrence Street. It is small but full of life and has something on the menu for everyone. Their second location is across the street from Union Station. This one is larger, and sometimes you may get lucky and hear music from down the street. 

Little Owl Coffee is located on Blake Street. This shop is a hidden gem among the buildings of Denver. Whether you are craving a latte or matcha, they have specially crafted drinks for all. 

Pigtrain Coffee Co. is located inside the heart of Union Station. If you are coming from campus, it allows you to take a walk through the city to clear your mind. If you are coming from a quiet library, the energizing scene might help boost your mood.