On-The-Rise Faculty Spotlighted at Tenure & Promotion Lunch
Provost Constancio Nakuma greets faculty members.

On-The-Rise Faculty Spotlighted at Tenure & Promotion Lunch

October 25, 2022

How can we make buildings and infrastructure more sustainable? How do networks constrain or promote diffusion of information or diseases? How can we make learning environments more culturally and linguistically equitable?  

These are among the many questions explored in the scholarship of CU Denver faculty members who earned tenure or promotion recently. The group was honored at a Monday luncheon in the Terrace Room. “You make us who we are every single day,” Chancellor Michelle Marks told attendees. “I want to take this opportunity to express the gratitude I feel for each of you, and also to appreciate your success.” 

Chancellor Michelle Marks connects with faculty members.

The 46 faculty members honored for tenure or promotion this year include:  

  • Nine incumbent CU Denver faculty that earned tenure and promotion to associate professor 
  • Four new faculty appointed with tenure 
  • 14 promotions to professor 
  • 10 promotions to senior or principal instructor  
  • Nine clinical teaching faculty promotions to associate professor or professor 

See bottom of page for full list of honorees.

The honors reflect their recipients’ strong track records of teaching and scholarly accomplishment, and signal confidence in their ability to enrich CU Denver’s academic community for years to come. “Sometimes, we let challenges stop us from even trying,” Provost Constancio Nakuma told luncheon attendees. “But that’s not what you did. You chose to embrace the challenge—turning it into an opportunity, going through all the difficulty that leads to success. That’s what I am here to celebrate with you.”  

New Developments for Luncheon, First in Three Years 

For the first time, this year’s luncheon was held exclusively for CU Denver faculty and honored promotions of CU Denver’s Instructional, Research and Clinical (IRC) faculty, in addition to tenure-track faculty. Honoring IRC faculty signifies the vital role, Chancellor Marks said, that these educators, researchers, and clinicians play in CU Denver’s faculty talent base.  

While this event is typically held annually, the pandemic forced the cancellation of the 2020 and 2021 events. The 65 faculty members honored in those years were invited to Monday’s luncheon, which allows CU Denver to showcase the commitment and accomplishments of three years of faculty honorees in the university’s 50th anniversary year.  

Several deans and chairs attended the luncheon as well as members of the Vice Chancellor’s Advisory Committee on Reappointment, Tenure, and Promotion; the groups were recognized for their important roles as faculty mentors and evaluators. “As you can see, this is teamwork at its best,” Provost Nakuma said. “Without the work that faculty do, we don’t have this university.” Meanwhile, he noted that some faculty might not be able to linger over lunch. “I know a lot of people have to leave at 1 o’clock, because you have to teach.”  

Newly Tenured Faculty

2022 2021 2020
Moatassem Abdallah (CEDC, Civil Engineering)
Ryan Brown (CLAS, Economics)
Zixia (Summer) Cao (BUS, Marketing)
Ester de Jong (SEHD)
Phillip DeLeon (CEDC, Electrical Engineering)
Rashmi Gangamma (SEHD)
Marvin Lynn (SEHD)
Annika Mosier (CLAS, Integrative Biology)
John Ronquillo (SPA)
Jonathan Shaffer (CLAS, Psychology)
Lucinda Soltero-González (SEHD)
Erik (Rick) Sommerfeld (CAP, Architecture)
Kai Yu (CEDC, Mechanical Engineering)
Robert Allen (SEHD)
Farnoush Banaei-Kashani (CEDC, Computer Science & Engineering)
Sasha Breger Bush (CLAS, Political Science)
Brian Buma (CLAS, Integrative Biology)
Kyle Ehrhardt (BUS, Management)
Amy Ferrell (SEHD)
Mia Fischer (CLAS, Communication)
Jamie Hodgkins (CLAS, Anthropology)
Jeremiah Kalir (SEHD)
Constancio Nakuma (CLAS, Modern Languages)
Mark Rabideau (CAM, Music & Entertainment Industry)
Gregory Ragland (CLAS, Integrative Biology)
Esther Sullivan (CLAS, Sociology)
Christy Briles (CLAS, Geography & Environmental Sciences)
Sommer Browning (AUR, Technical Services)
Andrew Friedson (CLAS, Economics)
Benjamin Greenwood (CLAS, Psychology)
Audrey Hendricks (CLAS, Mathematical & Statistical Sciences)
Jiban Khuntia (BUS, Information Systems)
Carrie Makarewicz (CAP, Urban & Regional Planning)
Michelle Marks (BUS)
Onook Oh (BUS, Information Systems)
Douglas Sicker (CEDC, Computer Science & Engineering)

Newly Promoted Faculty

2022 2021 2020
jimi adams (CLAS, Health & Behavioral Sciences)
William Adams (CAM, Visual Arts)
Andrew Bateman (CAM, Film & Television)
Joan Bihun (CLAS, Psychology)
Christopher Bodden (CLAS, ICB – English)
Cathy Bodine (CEDC, Bioengineering)
Heidi Brothers (CEDC, Civil Engineering)
Jeremy Brown (CAM, Visual Arts)
Maria Buszek (CAM, Visual Arts)
David Chandler (BUS, Management)
Howard Cook (CAM, Visual Arts)
(Mary) Franci Crepeau-Hobson (SEHD)
Deserai Crow (SPA)
Maryam Darbeheshti (CEDC, Mechanical Engineering)
Jean Daugherty (CLAS, ISL – English)
Courtney Donovan (SEHD)
Melissa Furness (CAM, Visual Arts)
Gregory Garrison (CAM, Music & Entertainment Industry Studies)
Vivian George (CAM, Visual Arts)
Jeffrey Golub (CLAS, Philosophy)
Bryn Harris (SEHD)
Rebecca Heavner (CAM, Visual Arts)
Heather L. Johnson (SEHD)
Jefferson (Jeff) Knight (CLAS, Chemistry)
Chao Liu (CEDC, Electrical Engineering)
Jeffrey Merkel (CAM, Music & Entertainment Industry Studies)
Christopher Merkner (CLAS, English)
Katherine Mohrman (CLAS, Ethnic Studies)
Charles Musiba (CLAS, Anthropology)
Elizabeth Pugliano (CAM, Visual Arts)
Ronica Rooks (CLAS, Health & Behavioral Sciences)
Gregory Simon (CLAS, Geography & Environmental Sciences)
Karen Sobel (AUR, Education & Outreach Services)
Christopher Beekman (CLAS, Anthropology)
Ernest Boffy-Ramirez (CLAS, Economics)
Enoch Cheng (CLAS, Economics)
Caroline Clevenger (CEDC, Civil Engineering)
Vinit Desai (BUS, Management)
Hani Mansour (CLAS, Economics)
Sean McGowan (CAM, Music & Entertainment Industry Studies)
Scott McLeod (SEhD, Leadership for Educational Organizations)
Soojae Moon-Anderson (CLAS, Economics)
Rafael Moreno-Sanchez (CLAS, Geography & Environmental Sciences)
Amanda Ritchie (CLAS, Modern Languages)
Lori Ryan (SEHD)
Maren Scull (CLAS, Sociology)
Traci Sitzmann (BUS, Management)
Lisa Spears (CLAS, English)
Laura Summers (SEHD)
Chris Yakacki (CEDC, Mechanical Engineering)
Sara Yeatman (CLAS, Health & Behavioral Sciences)

Masoud Asadi-Zeydabadi (CLAS, Physics)
Michelle Bauer Carpenter (CAM, Visual Arts)
Kyle Crawford (CLAS, English)
Matthew Cross (CLAS, Geography and Environmental Sciences)
Paul De Marte (CLAS, English)
Joni Dunlap (SEHD)
Lucy Dwight (SPA)
Miranda Egger (CLAS, English)
Stephen Hartke (CLAS, Mathematical & Statistical Sciences)
Carlos Hipolito-Delgado (SEHD)
Maryann Hoffmann (CLAS, English)
Sarah Horton (CLAS, Anthropology)
Antwan Jefferson (SEHD)
Mike Kawai (CLAS, Mathematical & Statistical Sciences)
Sarah Kovoor-Misra (BUS, Management)
Andrés Lema-Hincapié (CLAS, Modern Languages)
Mary Malina (BUS, Accounting)
Wayne Miller (CLAS, English)
Jeremy Németh (CAP, Urban & Regional Planning)
Jae-Do Park (CEDC, Electrical Engineering)
Nicole Piasecki (CLAS, English)
Jean Scandlyn (CLAS, Health and Behavioral Sciences)
Julie Vick (CLAS, English)
Greg Whitesides (CLAS, History)