One Flew West in concert.

One Flew West takes off

CAM music business program and hard work pay off for rocking sextet

July 22, 2016

It’s been a busy year for One Flew West, an alt-rock band featuring a horn section and high-octane live shows. Two members of the band – Linden Jackson (vocals, guitar) and David DiSalvo (lead guitar) – study in the College of Arts & Media’s (CAM) music business program, which they call a “huge asset” to their development as a band.

CAM’s program at CU Denver is strengthened by the student-run CAM Records, a label that works with one band each semester. One Flew West recorded its latest five-song EP “Selective Memory” on CAM Records. Other bands recently produced by the label include Chemistry Club (winner of best dance-pop band in this year’s Westword Music Awards), Red Fox Run and The Milk Blossoms (CAM student Michelle Ghun is also in The Milk Blossoms, winner of best experimental band in the Westword Music Awards).

Linden Jackson took a break from One Flew West’s busy summer performance schedule to answer a few questions from CU Denver Today about the band and his experience in CAM.

CU Denver Today: You guys released “Through the Winter’s Ground” a couple years ago and now “Selective Memory,” produced through CAM Records and Andy ‘Rok’ Guerrero (CAM lecturer and alumnus, formerly of the Flobots). How were the recording experiences different and what did you like about working with Andy and recording at CAM Records?

Jackson: It was really interesting, because that was the first time that we had the opportunity to sit back and take the time that we needed to make what we were doing as good as it could possibly be. It was also great getting back into the studio with Andy as a producer. We have a really effective dynamic with him in the studio and he really understood what we were going for.

Linden Jackson of One Flew West
Linden Jackson and One Flew West perform at a recent show in Colorado.

CU Denver Today: How did you land Jeff Kanan as engineer? What do you feel like he brought to your sound?

Jackson: Jeff was introduced to us by Andy and when we made the EP, the studio was essentially brand new. Jeff has a great ear for the little things that make the track that much better, and he and Andy work really well together on the production side of things.

CU Denver Today: How has your education in CAM influenced your music and your career? What do you like best about it?

Jackson: Getting an education in the music business has been a huge asset to the band. I think my favorite part about the program is the instructors, and the hands on, real world approach to the work. This business can’t be learned from a book and they know it. I would definitely recommend the program to anyone considering going into the business.

CU Denver Today: One Flew West was a finalist in KTCL’s Hometown for the Holidays contest in 2014 and Westword Music Award for Best Folk Band in 2015 – and your shows are filling large venues. To what do you attribute your success?

Jackson: Hard work. We all take what we do really seriously and try to exceed whatever goals we set for ourselves. If you work your (rear) off for your craft, you will start seeing results.

CU Denver Today: What are some of your favorite places to perform around Denver and Colorado?

Jackson: Definitely all of the Soda Jerk venues, Summit, Marquis … but we also love the Bluebird, The Larimer Lounge, and The Fox in Boulder!

CU Denver Today: What can we expect from One Flew West in upcoming year?

Jackson: We are working hard on writing a new album that should be out later this year or early next year. Hopefully, we can push out a single or two before then. We are also planning a few tours for fall/winter!

CU Denver Today: Do you expect to record your next album on CAM Records?

Jackson: Probably not, because the artist/label relationship only lasts for a semester, but we are all insanely grateful for the things they have done for us!